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  1. Teresa:

    Join it back together with chocolates and laughter

  2. Ralph:

    There is none. Only bitterness remains. Signed by a broken hart.

  3. Anonymous:

    Time. Only in time will it heal. While it is in the process of healing, though, friends and family and doing the little daily things you enjoy will help it to a speedier and healthier recovery.

  4. acceptance of the current situation, detachment from the person who caused the broken heart, acknowledgment of the hurt while it lasts and finally, moving forward optimistically after Time has reliably done its job of helping erase the pain.

  5. Kat:

    accept its over it won’t heal it but once you realize its over you can start the process of moving on instead of remaining angry and hurt

  6. Dale:

    Ice cream and bad movies 🙂

  7. Aaron:

    Laughter and friends. Laughter really is the best medicine. Having your friends around just makes the laugh all the more enjoyable.

  8. Anonymous10:

    Ask a heart surgeon 🙂 Am I the only one who thinks the man in the picture looks odd? It just doesn’t look right to me. And he’s shirtless and hairy.

  9. V3nD1:


  10. Angria:

    Still trying to figure it out…but there will always be a scar, regardless of time.

  11. anonymous:

    “Friendship is the finest balm for the pangs of despised love.” -Jane Austen-

  12. mee:


  13. Maya:

    forgiveness and letting yourself feel the way you feel.

  14. Heather:

    From experience, time is the only thing that can truly heal a broken heart. But to go along with that, you need to not let your entire life crumble because of what happened. You need to keep pushing yourself forward, but don’t do it alone. Friends are here especially for these particular moments. On the days you just cannot make yourself get up, friends–and family if yours is so inclined–should be there to poke you out of bed.

    If you don’t have the luxary of very good friends or caring family, it is harder but not impossible to keep going, if only to do it for yourself.

    Also, learn to keep yourself especially busy during the first month to three months…it really depends on the individual and how the relationship was, and also how it was broken off of course. Spending time doing the things you enjoy, especially if you have others to share it with, makes the whole process easier. When it comes to the time of your life that it seems to be getting easier to think about or handle, do not forget to step back and allow yourself to heal from it. Forgive yourself if nessicary, slowly of course not all at once (hell I really just started forgiving myself a little bit).

    If anything, don’t dwell on the past.

    “The past is history, the future a mystery, and now a gift. That’s why the call is the present.”

    In time, if you allow yourself, your heart will come to heal.

  15. Jessica:

    I’ve never had a broken heart, but I’ve seen my friends go through it.. and I feel like the only real answer is time and cutting that person out of your life as much as possible. Constant reminders of him/her is not going to help the process at all, and will just prolong it. Friends and family are good for support, but cant really fix it. It’s got to be time.

  16. Debbie:

    Wish I knew!

    Time doesn’t heal every wound: maybe the pain becomes a little less, but it will not be completely numbed by just ‘time’.
    Let yourself experience the feelings and the hurt, talk about it with other and ask for support (but like Jessica said: “Friends and family are good for support, but cant really fix it.”

    Don’t let your life be on hold! Go out, go to work/school, go shopping … Don’t stay in all the time (the first 2 weeks inside are normal, but after that, Get the H*** out again 😉 )

  17. Brittney:

    The only way to get over a man is by getting under another one.

  18. Morgan:

    Chocolate ice cream and a Sex and the City marathon.

    Plus a few tears, a couple days/weeks/months and laughter.

  19. meh:


  20. Susan:


  21. Nick:


  22. Heather:

    Distance yourself from the person who broke it. Splurge on yourself a little, whether it be buying yourself something nice or by eating lots of cookies and watching all of your favorite movies. Spoil yourself. When you’re ready, confront the situation and deal with it emotionally. And most importantly, don’t rush into something with someone else in order to make yourself feel better. It’ll only worsen the burn and lengthen the healing process.

  23. Rachel:

    Time, think rationally but It essentially can never fully be repaired, bitterness will always remain

  24. SarahDylan:

    Thinking of all the times you’ve been happy before and knowing that soon you will feel that happiness again. The best part is, the reason is always a surprise. All you have to do is be patient and hopeful.

  25. anon:

    A good attitude, good friends, and a little time.
    In that order.

  26. Rayton:

    time or a new love

  27. Shannnnn:

    for me it was going to do one of my favourite sports, where my “family” was, and just work out the anger, heartbreak and sadness until I was almost falling asleep standing up.

  28. Justin:

    You have a broken heart, learn about it, embrace it, give in to it. Because sooner or later, you won’t feel much of it anymore because by then, you learned something and move on. Use all the energy you have on the goals you want to achieve for yourself.

    And know that whatever happens with that person that caused that, there is a reason why and you will find someone new in time. Or you have changed because of it and someone you knew before came back to you.

  29. Ariz:

    a broken heart is an open heart. i think you need to hit rock bottom before you know what love really is. binary opposition. we are defined by the other. how would you really know what love is without experiencing the pain of a broken heart? i know you’re saying you know what “love” is already…. but that meaning is socially constructed. have you ever asked how you are who you are?

    where did you learn the meaning of “love”? our parents? the way were raised? what the tv shows us? through other people? romeo and juliet and disney movies? how can you be happy, without ever feeling sadness.

    i think its part of the human experience. heart breaks, heart aches. embrace it. it opens you up to more possibilities. it’s not emptiness, its a potential more. a broken heart, is an open heart. now you know how it feels, and you learn….

  30. Anonymous:

    Lots of time. Eventual acceptance, after a LOT of pain and longing.

  31. Roberto:

    Time and company. Share the pain.

  32. Oana:

    u can`t u just say “don`t be sad cuz it`s over, be happy that you felt it”

  33. rach:

    i have just healed my broken heart…i cut him and things that reminded me of him out of my life. i (sadly) had a rebound guy. i broke his heart and i still feel terrible. and time, really is the biggest part.

  34. life_rider:

    another man…

  35. wizz:

    or another woman

  36. Ricky:

    theres no fixin a broken heart.

  37. Alaska:

    I’m not sure yet, still waiting.

  38. Anya:

    time heals all wounds

  39. Laurel:


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