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  1.  :

    Nothing romantic in my life just yet.

  2. Aaron:

    Haha, Same as above unfortunately. But I’m a guy, so I don’t really expect anything.

  3. Leila:

    He wrote me a song. =) It was so beautiful.

  4. Heather:

    He surprised me one weekend, and showed up when he had told me that he wouldn’t have been able to see me. Caught me by surprise and we went out to dinner and I spent the entire weekend with him. It was so simple but such a blessing to see him after I hadn’t for a while.

  5. SarahDylan:

    Neither of my partners have been massively skilled in romance, however my current boyfriend, when we had only been together a few weeks, took his guitar to camping. As we were sitting around the campfire he began strumming a melody that I recognised. The lyrics go ‘There are angels in your angles, there’s a low moon caught in your tangles…’ He looked at me the whole time. He afterwards confessed he was singing to me.

    Also, for valentines day he went to the trouble (he’s usually quite lazy) of baking me cupcakes and writing, in icing, ‘i love you’ on them 🙂

  6. Tiva Joy:

    He snuck into my room when I wasn’t home and put all of my favorite chocolates on my bed in the shape of a heart.
    He also used all of his savings to go shopping with me when I was feeling like I had no good clothes. (I felt bad for that when he told me he used all of his money in savings.)

  7. Nina:

    He bought me a heart shaped diamond necklace that said love on it. Also he constantly reminds me of how much he loves me and cares about me and how happy he gets when he sees me. 😉

  8. Dale:

    He blew up balloons, wrote messages for me on them in sharpie, deflated them then blew them up and filled my room with them while i was out. <3

  9. Deva:

    The way he still calls me “my lovely” 47 years later.

  10. Rachel:

    Nothing yet

  11. Rayton:

    My life hasn’t been so romantic yet, but soon it’s going to change.

  12. Jessica:

    One of my boyfriends came over early in the morning the day of our three month and taped a bunch of fake rose petals onto my car and on the hood it spelled out “happy 3 month.” On the window he left me a post-it with a hand-written note asking me on a special date later that day.

  13. Anonymous10:

    I had a long distance relationship once. I was living in far east Asia and he was in Europe. He had flowers sent to me on Valentine’s day. I thought it was romantic at that time since I didn’t know it was possible to send where I live. He’s now my ex-husband. Apparently, that’s the only thing he could do.. Let someone else hand me the flowers and not by him.

  14. Susan:

    He’s strong when I am weak.
    He never lets me go.
    He’s my biggest supporter and fan.
    Now that’s romantic . . .

  15. Jessi:

    Said “Here, you go get this, while I get one more thing for me and meet me at the car” while we were in the grocery store. Being a stereotypical lady, of course I took longer than he did 😛
    When I got to the car, he was waiting with a bouquet of fresh flowers, a bottle of my favorite wine, a blanket, and a freshly done up picnic basket. We then spent the rest of the day on the river side, eating, swimming, and falling asleep while the warm sun trickled in through the summer leaves.

  16. Nick:

    Just talking and making fun of each other.

  17. 789:

    Called me beautiful as he stroked my haiir

  18. Hayden:

    Rubbing my back for nearly 3 hours while I was falling asleep, I even fell asleep for an hour and he was still rubbing my back when I woke up!

  19. Justin:

    The way we played the kissing game to each other when we tried to kiss each other on the lips.

    Our tickle fight as well.

  20. AvoirFoi:

    He asked me out on Valentine’s Day in high school.
    Then 2 months later he told me he loved me. We were in his dad’s shop and he was doing some work and I was watching. At one point, he took a break and his arms were shaking. I asked him why and he said, “I don’t know.” I asked the same question again a little while later and he said it was because he was nervous. I asked him why and he said it was because he wanted to tell me something but wasn’t sure how I would take it. I said, “TRY ME”. That’s when he told me he loved me.
    We had a long distance relationship for a year while I was a senior in HS and he was a Freshman in College. We’ve been together now for 3 years!

  21. i think the gesture matters little. the one who made the gesture is the more important factor. a person i do not love can give me the moon and i will not be impressed. a person i love, on the other hand, can just give me crumbs of his time but i can immortalize it in my head.

    there was my one great love back in college who loved to smell my hair when i am not looking and wrote me a 7-page letter when he was courting me. in that letter, he told me that when we are in transit, he wished it was always traffic on the road so that we can spend more time together. he proceeded to describe in detail all the things he sees in me when we are together. he poured out all his sentiments in a well-written manner, and he won my heart.

    he made me feel loved, beautiful, and completely incensed with attraction to him. i was madly in love with this person.

    in retrospect, everyday in that 15-month relationship with him was a romantic day, good or bad.
    and honestly, after that relationship, all the other relationships were just traces and imitations, but never able to measure up to what i shared with this guy.

    there were others later on who did a lot more romantic things for me like sending me lovely roses on a weekly basis, but he was just different. that letter was worth more than a lifetime’s supply of flowers, chocolates and what-have-you’s.

  22. person:

    He took me to the pond I spent my childhood at. We just sat there and held hands. We didn’t say a word.

  23. L.:

    He doesn’t do it on purpose, but still.
    Every time somebody asks if I am his girl, he instantly produces the biggest smile, proudest face and happiest eyes ever, as he gets to say ‘yes, she is’.

    That means more to me than conventional ‘romantic’ actions.

  24. Rika:

    He was the first and only guy who ever bought me roses.

  25. Zoe:

    I met a guy at a party, we got to talking and I gave him my phone number. A few days after that, he called and asked if it was me on the phone, I said yes, he began playing his guitar and singing. He asked me out on a date while still singing. It was soo sweet.

  26. freed:

    I’m a huge fan of the Notebook so as our relationship ran its course, he would occasionally use Notebooks quotes in our conversations which was the cutest and put the biggest smile on my face. I remember he told me I miss you like Noah misses Allie and that was so corny but so sweet!

  27. Kay:

    He sang to me and played the guitar. He also took me out one night and laid under the stars with me and just talked and cuddled.

  28. Oana:

    We were on summer vacation at the seaside, was at sunset and we were watching it on the sand, he kissed me, then he took my hand and and kissed it and said to me “wait until I can have everything in place, but one day I`m going to marry you at the seaside” then he kissed me again and hold me till the sun was gone. I was shocked, but so happy, I blushed and he thought my face got burned from the sun.

  29. Johanna:

    My best friend moved out of state during my freshman year (his sophpomore year) of high school. On my birthday, during the summer, he drove close to a thousand miles to come see me on my birthday and give me my first kiss.

  30. Erin:

    The weekend we saw each other after dating, the first time we’ve seen each other after first dating, he surprised me with a rose <3 .

    Another time, when I went over to his house, he had an anime drawing of myself with my name and a heart beside it 🙂 .

  31. sarah:

    when i was a kid, the boy i really liked sometimes walked me home at night after it got dark. then one night, he had his bike with him, so he drove me home while i sat on his handlebars. we were just kids, and nothing ever came of it but i thought it was so much magic. : )

  32. Laurel:

    We were driving home one day when he noticed it was 11:11. He shouted “Make a wish!” before remembering that I don’t make wishes. He asked me why that was and I said that I’ve never had a wish come true and asked him if he had. He silently grabbed my hand.

  33. JJ:

    Suprised me at home when I was sick on Valentines day with a bunch of roses, a get well & an i love you card.

  34. Evanna:

    I was vacationing at the beach with my family. One night I called my boyfriend back home and he said tomorrow morning he would call me and we’d both watch the sunrise together, just in different places, all romantic and such. So I the next morning he calls me and makes sure I’m outside watching the sunrise “with him.” I’m sitting outside on a bench watching the sunrise, so I say yes. Right then I get tackle-hugged by a boyfriendy. He drove all night after he got off work just to surprise me!

  35. wizz:

    when i was in high school, a girl wrote me a love poem about me being “the light of her sky” before i even read it, my friend snached it off me and read it out loud in class then ripped it up- she got up and slappe him.

  36. Ewelina:

    a small gift.. it was a heart from paper clip 😉

  37. F:

    She said ‘I love you'(something she never, ever says…)

  38. Tiara B.:

    My first ex boyfriend: He didn’t try to be romantic, but everytime we hung out it was wonderful. Simple things such as the movies, the pier, the beach, or even going to In N Out was great. I remembered the details.

    My second ex boyfriend: He tried to be romantic, I applaud him for this. He gave me flowers for my birthday. He asked me out to prom by getting a group of his friends to hold up a sign after asking me to meet him somewhere really quick. He took me to the park because he knew I would love it.

    Very simple but they payed attention to the details. 🙂 All that matters.

  39. Laurel:

    Hand-making me the most adorable stuffed animal & writing me poetry.

    …kissing my neck and whispering in my ear that he loves me and that I’m beautiful.

  40. moni:

    it happened in this my birthday month (now 29), april 2011, whereby i traveled FROM a holy city in india’s desert TO the magnificant regions of the himalayas… with a fine gentleman i’d known for some months. what he gave to me was the motivation to hike, to continue practicing yoga, and to wake up to great sex every morning.. my whole birthday month.. and. WAS the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. :)))))))

  41. Julia:

    Left a sticker with a love message in New York City for me to find, and I found it.

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