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  1. Nicoley:

    I ask myself this question every single day.
    I’ve only come up with one answer.
    People are STUPID!!!
    and look for happiness in all the wrong places.

  2. Maya:

    I dont know. Its weird

  3. Morgan:

    To fit in, to be skinny.

  4. Cassandra:

    Because it gets them “accepted” and because it’s the “cool” thing to do.

  5. Drew:

    Well being friends with all of those kids, I can tell all of you above, that you’re basically wrong. I mean, maybe someone does it to be cool, but I’ve never seen someone to smoke a cigarette to be cool, maybe drink, but never cigarettes.

    Teenagers, at least the stereotype misfit kids, usually start smoking because of a lot of reasons; because they have shitty lives, because their mother/father does and picked it up, because they knew it would help them with stress, because they need to calm down, because of a lot of reasons. A lot of time, it’s a combination of a few of those. I don’t know, I never have, I have an addictive personality and I just won’t. But most people who smoke don’t like their lives and were offered one when they were young and said “Fuck it all.” and tried it and just kept going and after a little bit they’re addicted and they can’t stop. Don’t judge them, don’t judge anyone, and don’t call them “stupid”. I don’t support smoking cigarettes, (marijuana is a different story) but I definitely don’t support blind judgement. Sorry to be a douche about it, but it’s true.

    And I guarantee Nicoley, if you’re calling people stupid, then you’re looking for happiness in all the wrong places too.

  6. Marguerite:

    when i was 13 i had a friend my age who started smoking them because her parents always did with their friends so it made her feel at home and grown up, she started right before her parents divoriced

  7. Blank:

    It happens, it’s like: We know the fried-sugary-fatty foods are bad for us, but we’ll still eat them every once in a while and there are those who eat it way more than recommended! Also, it can be kind of a recreational thing, like “oh we’re having a good time, let’s celebrate and go ahead and indulge in some good food!”

    I think the same thing goes for smoking, 1) It’s addictive (obviously) and its just hard to not keep coming back to it. 2) it’s a kind of treat, or indulgence if you will. It can be a social thing too.

    As for the young people thing, I can’t say. Every person is different so don’t judge and don’t hate, you have flaws too.

  8. Maia:

    I agree with Drew’s opinion when it comes to kids picking up smoking in North America. However, for the rest of the world (and I go to an international school with students from 90 different countries so I can speak with some authority on this), there just hasn’t been enough education about the health risks that come with smoking. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are available from vending machines in the streets, and with the sheer amount of people already smoking in the countries, it’s only natural for the kids to follow in the footsteps of 80% of their country.

  9. luca:

    it looks really cool, it’s something to do with your hands, it’s a good excuse for socializing with people you haven’t met before

  10. SarahDylan:

    Stress relief seems to be why my friends do it, especially since our A Level exams are next month and if we don’t get these, a lot of us will never go to university thanks to these ridiculous fees.

    The only thing that’s ever tempted me to smoke was to make it a food substitute to lose weight. I guess I decided I’d rather be bulimic than inhale that rubbish.

  11. purple-elephant:

    to feel rebel. or to feel cool. although everyone has their own reasons.

  12. Karanime:

    Because they like it, for one reason or another. That should be all the explanation you need.

    It’s when they do it and don’t like it that it becomes a problem.

  13. Nick:

    They think it’s cool?

  14. Rachel:

    Being cool is becoming more and more popular.

  15. S:


  16. Susan:

    They think they’re invincible . . . that nothing bad from smoking cigarettes could possibly happen to THEM. To OTHER people, yes, but not to THEM!

  17. Rayton:

    They look for a mean to relieve, forgetting the real power is to do it from within and not harm themselves in the process.

  18. Nicoley:

    You’re right stupid is the wrong word, but having a shitty life or doing it to calm down or relieve stress also isn’t the answer. Cigarettes increase blood pressure and actually make stress worse and definitely do not help you calm down.

    In all honesty i think most people smoke as an out. Just something else to do, to not think and just do.

  19. Samantha:

    I would just like to say that as a young smoker I started because all my life I had been told that smoking relaxes you and relieves stress. My parents smoked for the same reason. So when I had real stress in my life, I started smoking. I don’t chain smoke, and I never smoke more than 3 a day. Some days I don’t smoke at all. But honestly its all about that stress.

  20. Russell:

    It’s a good way to take a six minute break

  21. Cheetah:

    Because they only do it for stupid reasons (such as to fit in)

  22. Laura:

    Some may do it to look cool, but I’ve heard it keeps “starving artists” (amongst others) from feeling so hungry and it relaxes people who are very stressed out.

    I really like Drew’s answer.

  23. Bryce:

    This sounds weird and horrible for me to say, but I have been a smoker for seven or eight months. Last summer, the summer after my freshman year of college, I got back together with all my friends from high school. I hadn’t seen most of them in a year, and many of them had changed after their first year away. That’s to be expected though. I had never smoked before that summer, in fact, I was a standout high school athlete entirely against smoking. That summer, I went to a party and smoked for the first time. I got an awesome buzz and loved it. The more I hung out with my buddies, the more I smoked. After summer, I went back to college putting smoking behind me, until I found out that my roommate enjoyed a smoke every now and then. We would go to a hill and sit under the stars while we smoked. Some of my best times were had at the hill. Our habit only got out of control when started smoking during the day. The reason we started day smoking was because we were bored. There was nothing to do on campus, so we decided to go out and smoke. It killed the time, plus there was a beautiful path in park just next to us. Everything just built up from there. Three or four a day turned into nine or ten a day. Eventually we were craving cigarettes, and we had to have them. Eight months later I regret ever smoking at all. Instead of having one or two cigarettes every few days, we are both hooked to having nearly half a pack per day, and I am definitely more dependent than him. One year ago, I could run a 5k race in just over 16 minutes, and now running a mile without stopping seems horrible to think about. My blood pressure has clearly risen, I cough more than I used too, and I am dependent on something that I know is shortening my life. All because my roommate and I were bored. Oh, and did I mention that he is an exercise science major, and I am a nursing major? Even though we both clearly know the consequences of our actions, it is so hard to stop because we physically and psychologically crave it.

  24. Existing smokers, because they are addicted to the nicotine. People who are still choosing to take up smoking in countries where the government is making a noticeable attempt to inform the general public on the harmful effects, i don’t know…
    I am 21 and have been smokefree for over 5 months now. The benefits of giving up smoking are on my blog.
    Feel free to check them out and email me for any encouragement. Josh

  25. Atif:

    Young people pick up cigarette smoking for many reasons as stated above but once they start smoking it becomes a recreational thing as well as stress relieving activity. Concerning point is that even knowledgeable and good people are smokers.

  26. Jessica:

    I feel like a lot of times its because they aren’t happy with their life and are looking for a momentary escape or stress-reliever. Some do it because their friends started, and it becomes a thing they do for fun. I know one guy who was just curious what it was like because there are so many do it, and he was old enough to buy cigarettes and he figured ‘why not?’-although I’m guessing that this isn’t the usual reason.

  27. Wolfgang:

    fear of becoming fat after stopping it.

  28. Rachel:

    I started smoking to replace my other outlet, which was cutting. It started as a social thing, but I soon realized how relaxing and calming it became as I started to become addicted. I don’t regret smoking (I’ve been a smoker for two years now, starting at age 16) because it took the place of a more severe and dangerous addiction of self mutilation. Cutting and smoking has made me the person I am today, and I think I’m doing okay.

    Not just speaking from a smokers side, because I once was a non smoker, I think it’s total bull sh*t that some of you believe that it’s because we’re ‘stupid’ or we do it to look ‘cool.’ If I had done it to be cool, I wouldn’t have been a closet smoker for the first 6 months. The only person who knew I smoked was my best friend and my boyfriend at the time who used to buy them for me once he realized I was bumming them off him regularly.
    I smoke now because I’m addicted, and I’m scared to quit because of the possible relapse to the more obvious scarring addiction.
    Each person smokes for a different reason, there’s no need to put us all together into one group as ‘stupid.’

  29. srinath:

    some smoke for fashion, some smoke for tension, some to take out the frustration and others to show off

  30. Brian:

    I think the main reason people smoke (or start) is to socialize, its a great way to meet people when you want to get out of a loud bar or party. I really don’t have a problem with smokers. I probably smoke about 4 or 5 cigarettes a month just whenever i feel like it. I also work out 3 times a week and have run 2 marathons in the last 2 years and smoking has never effected my running. Most people (at least in the US) know smoking is bad for you, but i believe anything is fine in moderation.

  31. Michela:

    because I want to die

  32. Oana:


  33. Sela M:

    have not found a reason to stop ..

  34. Danielle:

    because they’re delicious!

  35. Liam:

    Because we’re not scared to die in a world that’s already dead.

  36. Ainsley:

    I started smoking as a teenager. It was more of a social thing; And i felt confident with a cigarette. I don’t know why, but i did. Then slowly just like anybody else it becomes a habit. I would still be smoking today if i didn’t fall pregnant. For some reason i enjoyed it? I would still smoke today if it wasn’t so bad for you.

  37. rob:

    started young because all my friends did it, i lost contact with them but i still do it………

  38. wizz:

    peer pressure and niotine is addictive- simple as.

  39. Catie:

    well one there addicted to it and their to weak to give up and second they think it makes them look cool even though i garuntee they will regret it when there older

  40. Alice:

    I don’t smoke regularly, and i’m a young person. But when I do smoke, it’s because i’m really stressed, and that I just don’t give a shit about my life.

  41. Laurel:

    Like Alice, I don’t smoke regularly.

    For me, it is a social thing, as well as a stress-reliever.

    There are much healthier and better alternatives out there, like marijuana, but that’s illegal and very much not worth the risk of getting put in jail.

  42. Alex:

    I honestly don’t know because it is so unhealthy and nasty…

    I guess to fit in maybe?

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