Question 18

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  1. Bushra:

    I’d teach people how to define their boundaries in order to sail right through them and not to feel crippled by them

  2. Zen Phoenix:

    That life is precious and that dreams and reality are not different from one another…one just requires a little more work to obtain.

  3. Cathy:

    Don’t be preoccupied with material or wordly things- they are just temporary. Life is simple.

  4. i would teach enjoy sports.
    and if my students only can learn enjoying sports from it,
    that too would be great achievement for me 😛

  5. Mike:

    How to live fully in this moment – to leave the past behind and not be anxious about the future. It’s something I’m still working on myself.

  6. Alyssa:

    I would teach the importance of Life, Love adn Equality.

  7. Ehsaan:


  8. Hannah:

    Music. its the most important thing to me.

  9. Kimberly:

    I don’t know if it can be taught…but I would encourage curiousity, and wonder, and being aware of the beauty there is in just about everything in the world around us. And kindness.

  10. Kayane:

    Art history.

  11. bobby:

    Maths, Geography, Physics or Chemistry.

  12. zauhra:

    biochemistry and molecular biology 😀

  13. Alyssa:

    To question everything, to really know what it is YOU want, and take life at your own pace. Also, English lit.

  14. Anonymous:

    AP Japanese Language and Culture

  15. theater.

  16. Rae:

    Seeing as I want to be an English or Biology teacher, I’d probably teach that.
    But above that, I’d want to teach people to question everything, think for themselves, and enjoy their lives.

  17. Meghan:

    I would teach a younger child how to describe objects, people, rooms and landscapes with beautiful words and techniques most people do not use.

  18. April:

    Confidence. Every person in the world has so much to offer, you just have to find it. You’ll never be anyone else, so why not find the good in yourself and embrace it? We’re all beautiful in our own way.

  19. AR:

    Either tolerance of all people, or environmental awareness.

  20. Phenethylamine:

    a History of the Underclass, because no one seems to understand what’s just beneath the surface and how much work we have left to do…

  21. Aimee:

    Crafts. Art. Expression of creativity.

  22. Amanda:

    The ability to treat people with respect and not to judge others

  23. Ris:

    I’d teach music; not learning how to play an instrument or read notes, but how to interpret the meaning of a song in different ways, from the instruments to the lyircs.

  24. Diva:

    To find faith in something. It teaches you so many things in so many profound ways.

  25. KokeKev:


  26. RubenRybnick:

    i would teach someone not to be quick to judge take everything you can into consideration before you make a judgment on anything

  27. Inge:

    Music, philosophy or dutch.

  28. Jomz:


  29. Nick:

    Graphic designs and good values.

  30. sasha:

    -how to see things in a different way, especially when you’re painting what you see, people miss the obvious…

  31. Michael Hitchcock:

    I would teach a subject I’m calling “personal courage” wherein you respect yourself so much, you can never need to fight, You just know yourself enough to keep the big picture in mind. What do you want out of this interaction? You can escalate it or end it at any moment and since you have courage and knowledge, the choice is almost totally yours. If the other person escalates, you do not have to go with them if you don’t want to. If you are lashed out at, you do not need to be afraid because it’s just a fist or an unkind word and you know what to do.Compassion and gentleness are the surest displays of strength and it is good to be strong.

    I would teach something like that.

  32. Alec:

    I would teach architecture, philosophy (the wisdom of living a simple life, unencumbered with status/objects), and little skill-nuggets to think critically. Oh! Yes. To never let anyone ever steal your dreams.

  33. Rachael:

    Something i’m good at but I don’t know what I’m good at?

  34. Rowena:

    I have completely NO idea…

  35. hexmage:

    Chemistry 🙂 It makes sense to me and give me happiness to study and learn about.

  36. jhierren:

    Learn to appreciate what they’ve had and be thankful for it, because not all people are lucky as they are.

  37. ali:

    I would teach people, especially teenagers, that you don’t have/need to be liked by everybody around. That is not important. Only the one’s you love and the ones who love you really matter.
    My life became much more easier when I understood that, so that is what I would teach.

  38. chichay:

    i’ll teach everyone how to appreciate everything that someone has done for them. now a days most of the people i know doesn’t appreciate someone else’s effort to help them

  39. Heidi:

    Creativity to adults.

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