Question 432

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  1. Nick:

    Baguio. 🙂

  2. Cassandra:

    Been here my entire life. (Toronto)
    Lived in Halifax for a week- vacation
    Lived in Montreal for 3 days, 2 nights- school trip
    Lived in Hollywood for 3 days, 3 nights- won a trip
    That’s it, just temporary living.

  3. amy:

    3 years

  4. Rachel:

    Thailand 😛

  5. tasha:

    Nanjing, China – 7792 km

  6. SarahDylan:

    I lived with my family in Australia for six weeks. I live in England.

  7. Maya:

    I lived in botswana a couple of months. thats far away from norway

  8. A:

    Right now only 100 miles (4 years) but in December it will be 10,000 miles for the foreseeable future.

  9. L:

    Only three blocks away (from my house).

    Now, I might move to a different continent.

  10. Kris:

    not far enough…

  11. Richard:

    Grew up in Alaska, and lived in Iquitos, Peru for 8 months.

  12. Susan:

    35 miles . . . max. Sad.
    Would have loved to have lived in far away places and traveled the world.
    It’s not too late.

  13. jes:

    From Michigan to Georgia and back.

  14. sigh:

    I’m 16 and I lived in northern michigan my entire life. Now i’m in new mexico, but it seems like a lifetime away from my parents and friends.

  15. Ryan:

    Saudi Arabia

  16. Leila:

    Australia =D

  17. Anna:

    I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD. The furthest I’ve lived away from home is ZhengZhou, China. It’s 10,217 miles from home.

  18. Rachel:

    Never lived anywhere else

  19. Atif:

    Distance doesn’t matter but I have lived more than 2 yrs without seeing my family 900 miles away from native.

  20. Aaron:

    Haha, still live at home unfortunately.

  21. Tr:

    8 miles

  22. Roberto:

    Only 50km but I’ve been travelling all over the world. So I guess it’s not too bad. 🙂

  23. Isil:

    I grew up in Belgium, but have lived in Paraguay for 8 months.

  24. Conor:

    depends what is meant by ‘living’. By my definition I’ve only lived 25 miles away. But it could be argued that I lived with my friend 4000 miles away for a few days. If you count holidays then I’ve been over 7000 miles away.

  25. Jessica:

    as far as actually living… Texas.
    I grew up in California.

  26. Anonymous10:

    Manchester, England. I grew up in the Philippines.

  27. Maia:

    Podgorica, Montenegro. And I grew up in Calgary, Alberta.

  28. Lyann:

    I am from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia – and I lived in Surabaya, East Java for about 9 months while I was traveling in SE Asia for about 18 months… learned a lot about the world and the most about myself… time to go again soon I think!

  29. kp:

    Ive lived an hour and a half away for the past 3 years. This summer I will be 3 hours away from my hometown.

  30. AJ:

    Ottawa to California

  31. Chelsea Nicole:


    From Pensacola, Florida

  32. Maria Nielsen:

    I’m from Denmark and I have lived 3 months in Greenland and 3 months Germany.

  33. LJ:

    I grew up in Ohio but I’ve been living in Hungary for the past 8 months. I’m about to go home for about a year and then who knows where I’ll end up.

  34. Xtina:

    I’m from Michigan, but I’ve been living in Orlando, FL for 2 1/2 years now

  35. theresa:

    I grew up in Seattle, went to college in South Carolina, am studying abroad in Spain and I plan to move to Germany. I just keep getting farther and farther away! It’s a big world!

  36. Lucy:

    I’ve lived in North Sweden (Lulea), west coast of Ireland, America (VA) for more than half a year at a time working in each place, love new places!! 🙂

  37. Moudi:

    about 1600 km

  38. Oana:

    From romania to england 🙁 miss everyone at home

  39. Sophie:

    Vero Beach, Florida. 7645km.

  40. Ro:

    São Paulo, Brazil. I was born and raised in New York, but have been living here since December 1, 2011. I love the adventure, but it gets awfully lonely sometimes.

  41. Sophie:

    literally the other side of the world. I think I developed depression by the end of those 3 months. Coming home was amazing.

  42. Catie:

    7 states away from my hometown

  43. Alex:

    3 hours away.

  44. Vilho:

    Four months in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay (Along Namibian coast)……… That was my first time at the sea side I wish I could stay longer.

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