Question 434

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  1. Chloe:

    That love isn’t like the movies and that even the happiest looking people can be the most depressed

  2. Nancy:

    I wish I didn’t know what its like to never be able to say goodbye to the one person I needed to make peace with.

  3. Maja:

    That my father cheated on my mother.

  4. Maja:

    That my father cheated on my mother.

  5. Em:

    That he still loves me..

    It hurts even more knowing that we love each other, the fact we can’t be together.


  6. Delilah:

    how people really feel sometimes

  7. Blue_cookie:

    About my dads, mums, and step-mums childhood. So many horrible things, and such differnt outcomes. My step-mum and dad were both abused, my dad physically, my step mom sexually and verbaly. My mum was ordered to quit her high erning job by my grandparents (whom I look up to and admire very much) once she was prenant with me. I also didn’t want to know the fact that the baby my step mum miscarried was a little girl whom they were going to call Lily.
    So many painful memories brang out with the last one.
    and to be selfish, I wish I dodn’t know these things so I wouldn’t dwell on “what if…”

  8. AA:

    I wish I didn’t know that someone i love dearly might be tired of my presence…. ugh

  9. rob:

    we all die

  10. wizz:

    those who talk about love need to pull themselves together for God’s sake.

  11. Becky:

    I agree with Heath. Whoever you are, you’re brilliant.

  12. Sophie:

    About anything that happened over the last two days. They were pretty terrible.

  13. Catie:

    that i have a crazy aunt who almost every day terrorizes her three kids (my first cousins) under the age of 10

  14. Laurel:

    That he said he wishes all people of my race were dead…and meant it.

  15. Emma:

    That the people I refuse to call family missed seeing me grow up.

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