Question 435

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  1. Deva:

    Narrowing down my life to three physical possessions is tough, but I’d have to say:

    My house.
    My stove.
    My shoes (and other clothing).

  2. Maya:

    computer, bicycle, piano

  3. Cassandra:

    I’m a little ashamed about the first two:
    -cell phone

  4. Abbie:

    Cell phone

    but the three most important to me are:
    Cell phone (to call my family)
    Bible (because it is my ‘user’s-manual’ for life)
    Journal (because it holds the stories of my life)

  5. purple-elephant:


  6. kp:

    laptop, ipod, blanket

  7. Lara:

    Cell Phone (because it has all my life info on it)
    Pencil box (it holds my SCHOOL life on it)
    and my shoes. I wear them 87% of the time.

  8. Angria:

    iPod (I listen to music almost 24/7)
    Any kind of book (I am never without a book within reach. I feel naked without one.)
    Quotes (I have all these quotes from teachers, friends, etc. that I read to get through the day. My one wall in my room is covered in PostSecrets, quotes from random people, and quotes from people close to me. Just daily reminders to keep going even if it is hard.)

  9. Marcio:

    Cell phone

  10. Gracie:


  11. Maia:

    Bed, clothes, laptop

  12. Manish Khurana:

    Cell phone

  13. Torsten:

    My sleepingbag
    My flashlight
    My knife

  14. jes:


  15. Olga:

    ipod is #1 for sure

    then it would be…

    my metropass to use public transit every month

    aaand right now it’s the medication that i’m using for my skin.

  16. srinath:

    my parents [without them i dont exist]

    my thoughts (without them i’m nobody)

    my job [without job its hard to survive]

  17. Heather:

    My shoes, my phone, and…my…bed. It’s more like a mattress on the floor but it’s a bed to me.

  18. Zoe:

    My clothes
    Pens pencils
    Books ( all sorts )

  19. Zoe:

    Actually my glasses

  20. S.D:

    The three most personal possessions I use most are my glasses, my computer and my mobile phone.

  21. Jessica:

    My guitar
    My laptop
    my kindle

  22. John:

    My computer (to reach the world outside of my hometown)
    A book (I read…. alot)
    My Bass (because I ummmm play it?)

  23. Nick:

    My laptop.
    My cellphone.
    My house.

  24. Rachel:

    My bed, my house and my laptop

  25. Books, Phone, Bed

  26. Shannnnn:

    Mine are as follows in order:
    ~ My Bear
    ~ My Books
    ~ My Necklace

    All could be replaced if lost or destroyed but it isn’t the actual objects that are so desprately personal it is the memories behind them.

  27. Jayne:


  28. Aaron:

    my cloths, my laptop, and my glasses

  29. Gloria:

    Besides essentials like clothing and other hygene products i use my cell phone just to be connected to the world (my friends are usually always with me so i dont need to text/call them)
    my truck is also extremely important and last some form of music that fits my mood

  30. Jessica:

    cell phone, computer, ipod

  31. TP:

    Computer, watch, and school supplies.

  32. Rayton:

    computer, watch and bag.

  33. Laura:

    My phone, my car, and my camera

  34. Oana:

    Laptop,Ring, Cross

  35. soulcatch:

    Bike, Ipod, computer

  36. Chrose:


  37. Ainsley:

    My Mobile Phone; Diary and DVD player (and TV Series)

  38. wizz:

    keys, wallet, phone

  39. Catie:

    my phone, journal, ipod

  40. Emma:


  41. Copper:

    My car, laptop and iPhone

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