Question 437

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  1. Kayla:

    a letter my boyfriend of two years wrote to me from jail.

  2. Jessica:

    My guitar. It was originally my grandfather’s, but after he died, it was decided that I was to get his guitar. He taught himself how to play, and now I’m doing the same.

  3. Angria:

    A rare book one of my professors gave me as a gift.

  4. Morgan:

    My iPod. It has my entire life on it.

  5. Jay:

    My mind.

  6. Lara:

    My soul. I will literally need NONE of the things I have with me right now. I just need my God and my soul to be happy when the end comes.

  7. Sirisha:

    My mind

  8. Maia:

    Isn’t it obvious? Life.

  9. Aaron:

    my laptop….I spent 2 grand on that thing!

  10. Blair:

    My Car, and I love having it.

  11. V3nD1:

    I almost feel sorry for you people that your most valuable thing can be bought with money. You are so miserable and you will always be…

  12. Heath:

    Well, besides my mind, body, identity and relationships…

    my desktop computer

    And the greatest thing is that it’s only worth about 2000 dollars. I graduated from college years ago and still own no car, no house and no ridiculous bills to go along with them.

  13. Regina Mullins:

    My mind and soul

  14. Conor:

    Financially, my car. True value, I guess my personality and identity, memories, freedom, my mind, my life etc. but I think those don’t really count for this question.
    So my final answer is my music collection because of the impact it’s made on my life and will continue to do so through everything.

  15. Princessa:

    My laptop 😉 I have my WHOLE life on there.

  16. b:

    my journal

  17. Kris:

    my friends, not that i own them, but they are everything to me

  18. purple-elephant:

    My personality and way of thinking.

  19. Another girl:

    My life

  20. jes:

    The journal my mom wrote me when she was pregnant with me. My parent’s wedding photo. My journal.

  21. Danny:

    A pendant in the shape of a key my ex gave me, from her favorite bracelet. My biggest achievement and greatest failure. Now it’s my cross to bear.

  22. Rachel:

    My soul

  23. Anonymous10:

    In the greater scheme of things, obviously first comes to mind is: LIFE/HEALTH. But if we are talking about valuable in monetary worth: My HOME. And if it’s something of quality or importance: A SILVER NECKLACE WITH A CHINESE CHARACTER AS A PENDANT which means BLESSING or GOOD FORTUNE. It was given to me by my friends when I left the PI and I wear it everyday for 7 years now.

  24. Nic:

    My brain and all the stuff in it…
    … also my music gallery…

  25. my imagination which takes me out of the world and into worlds beyond.

  26. Nick:

    My conscience, among other things.

  27. Jessica:

    my ipod or computer… my ipod was given to me by my best friend for my birthday, and she got a bunch of others to chip in so i think of them when i use it, plus it has all the music that i have attached to certain memories. my computer helps me keep in touch with my friends wen i’m not with them, and it contains my music and all the photos of many memories

  28. Zoe:

    My right to make my own choices
    And my necklace

  29. Dina:

    My brain.

  30. Rayton:

    My computer. In it I store mnost of what matters to me- my hobbies and some projects \I’m working on, my ideas and plans accompanied with my feelings on my blog, communication with other people, sources of inspiration and support , much information and things that relieve my mind. It’s not the most important thing to me, but when it comes to an item I possess- it’s rated first.

  31. Woodie:

    if I didn’t have money the things that would matter most to me would be my memories, happy and sad – they made me what I am and continue to shape me…

    Otherwise it would have to be my laptop not because it is irreplaceable but because it holds memories in the shape of photos, (can I be excused for also holding my external hard drive in that category lol)

    My car would have to be the most valuable thing though – might not be a huge amount but its the most expensive thing I own and I love it! 🙂

  32. Grac(ie):

    The heirloom necklaces that have been given to me over the years.

    My car. It is not technicaly mine yet, I will buy him from my parents in a few years, but he is the most amazing thing. He gives me freedom. I named him Winslow, and enjoy talking about him as if he were a person and confusing the heck out of everyone.

  33. Oana:

    A necklace cross that my boyfriend gave to me when I left the country to keep me safe and all his kisses

  34. LaraC:

    our freedom is got to be the right answer

  35. wizz:

    life for the best of us

  36. Becky:

    My cat. 😀

  37. Sophie:

    Life, freedom ect….

    My ability to think outside the box.
    My personality.

    I am very grateful for it all

  38. Catie:

    my grandmother’s earrings

  39. Alex:

    My opinions and morals that make up who I am.

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