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  1. Angria:

    When I have to pull an all-nighter on a large paper and still manage to do well on it :p

    But, usually when I manage to pick myself up off the floor after having a bad day with my ptsd. I’m still able to do well in school and maintain some form of normalcy even when my mind is betraying me.

  2. Tessa:

    When i overcome shyness and talk to people and make new friends… and when people say things like “You’re shy?!” because of me hiding it well.

    Also, when i feel beautiful. i’m impressed that i am able to feel that and proud that i don’t always resort to feeling lesser like i have done and do continue to do sometimes.


  3. Aaron:

    I’m impressed with me when I give a good speech to the class, even though I feel I’m a horrible speaker. I’m also impressed with myself when I get a new personal record on my lifts. Another thing I’m impressed with myself about is how well I write papers, and I despise english. The last thing that impresses me about me is when I’m charismatic. I really enjoy a good dinner talk with all my friends back in school.

  4. Anonymous:

    When I broke up with my ex, once and for all. It wasn’t an abusive relationship by any means, but he and I were just way too incompatible for way too long. It felt so empowering; I felt like that I was on top of the world. It was liberating, really.

  5. marxial_arts:

    i was so impressed with myself when i was able to break 6 layered hollow blocks into small pieces using my bare hands..btw, i’m a girl….

  6. Leila:

    i had so many people tell me i couldnt major in both of the majors i had chosen. “that’s impossible.” “you’re going to have to choose.” “you won’t have time to do both of those.”
    guess what? i did them BOTH.
    AND i’ve had the time to study abroad.
    AND i’m still going to graduate in four years.
    take that. don’t tell me i can’t do something. let me try.

  7. Another girl:

    When I graduated from high school- a whole year early

  8. Kris:

    when i don’t hate my body

    when i can sit in a room full of my friends and know without a doubt which ones will always be with me

  9. Laura:

    When I remember/notice random things that no one else remembers/notices. Half the time, I don’t even realize I’m remembering all these things until someone asks and I somehow know the answer.

  10. Rachel:

    Done well in tests, with a monologue or am pleased with my weight and appearence

  11. Anonymous10:

    When I make people laugh out real hard.

  12. Nick:

    When I sang on stage.

  13. Jessica:

    When I overcome a challenge that I wasn’t sure I would I would perform on (like getting a certain place in cross country)

  14. Susan:

    When I cross the finish line running a marathon

  15. Zoe:

    When I did something really brave

  16. Heath:

    When I was the only one to get 100% on a test in my Physics for Engineers class when I was in college. Especially since there were at least 75 people in the class and the average was a 53%.

    Also, when other people finally started calling me ‘fluent’ in Portuguese after a couple years of self-guided learning (i.e. no classes + Rosetta Stone + full Brazilian cultural/language immersion)

  17. adb:

    I ran a 7.4 mile roadrace in 56 minutes when I was a kid, they announced the times at certain miles and at mile 3 I was @ 15 mins something, I’m still pretty proud of that…I was running so hard the whole time when I crossed the finish line , I puked as soon as my feet stopped moving.

  18. TP:

    Anytime I tell myself I will work harder, get better grades, get through a hard time… and succeed.

  19. purple-elephant:

    when I do something people tell that I won’t or can’t do.
    Also when I stand up for something I believe in.

  20. Jojo:

    When I type out my resume and sit and realise all the things I have achieved so far. Thank God for awesome opportunities.

  21. Lizzie:

    When I realized I had gone a year without purging or cutting and didn’t even realize it. It’s been almost three now!

  22. Lindsey:

    When I was very talkative to a few new people I met this past weekend because I’m a very shy person.

  23. Rayton:

    I think I’m msot impressed with myself when I take a goal hard to meet and accomplish it successfully. It happened today for example in our running test. I thought it might be harder and that I would eb clsoe to failing but in the end I finished as one of the top 15, reaching a top I’ve never got to in running.
    Those moments make me feel that I’m much more worthy than I usually feel like, that I can do and achieve and succeed and enjoy the moment. I should hold that close to me in my mind for the harder moments, though it’s at times hard to do.

  24. Regina:

    When I gave birth to each of my four boys. They were all different experiences but amazing. I felt like I could do anything afterwards and was on top of the world….truly a feeling that cannot be explained or duplicated after all the hard work of getting them here…the sunrise at the top of the mountain for sure! When I think of what Heaven will be like…I go back to those precious moments of new life being placed into my arms after a lot of perspiration…”He never said it would be easy…but he promised it would be worth it.”…good things definitley don’t come easy…but are always worth it.

  25. Laura:

    When I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried drama. I’ve always been shy, and that helped me come out of my shell a little.

  26. Grac(ie):

    A few weeks ago, the principal pulled me out of class to tell me that I am the Valedictorian of my class. I just try to pass at school, not get good grades, and now everyone is calling me smart. Oh well.

  27. Oana:

    When I took a hit from my dad when he was about to (allmost) kill my sister

  28. Maya:

    When one drunken night I found out I have talent for drawing/painting.

  29. Abracadaver:

    when i really believed what i do for a living is something i am good at, so much so that the people around me notice it. the person who got me into the field that i am in called me earlier this week and said they wanted to retire, and give me their position. i had finally become something

  30. JJ:

    When I look back at something I did and think “that didn’t go the way I planned but I doesn’t matter…that was in the past”

  31. Ainsley:

    When i stand up for what i believe in, and most importantly when i stand up for myself.

  32. Catie:

    when i got my first A in math

  33. Jessica:

    When I first picked up a baby, and was able to comfort them, and stop their crying.

    I was like;
    “Yay; I didn’t break the child!”

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