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  1. Gracie:

    Im only 14 so no

  2. TP:

    It’s illegal in my state, and for good reason. I don’t do it because it’s extremely dangerous.

  3. Angria:

    I don’t, at least not when I am moving (I sometimes text at a red light).

  4. Leila:

    i dont text while at high speed, but sometimes at red lights or when i’m slowing to a stop, i’ll start texting.

  5. Aaron:

    I agree with the above for the most part. If I’m on the highway and there’s no traffic or if I’m stopped at a red light. Those are the only times for me.

  6. Another girl:

    No way, if the person texting really wants me, they can wait. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  7. Heath:

    I used to do it occasionally when there was very light traffic and I wasn’t moving. I don’t anymore, and I wish I could say I decided not to, but it’s because I hardly ever drive anymore.

  8. I don’t have a cell phone or a smart phone !

  9. Richard:

    Since I don’t have texting on my account (it’s cheaper that way), I don’t text and drive. Even if I did have texting, I wouldn’t do it while drive, because it is simply too dangerous.

  10. Debbie:

    Only when I’m in a traffic jam when I’m on my way to a friend of going home…

  11. Anonymous10:

    No. I just read my texts on a red a light when I get a message.

  12. Anne:

    I read texts, but I don’t respond. I have this paranoia that if I miss a text, it will be really important and I’ll miss the oppertunity of a life time.

  13. Michaela:

    No. It’s stupid, it’s unsafe, and it’s illegal. Even if it wasn’t illegal, I wouldn’t do it.

  14. Jessica:

    At red lights I will. Or if I’m not driving too fast and nobody is around and the message needs a response right then (like its from the person I’m on my way too and they’re confirming where/when or I have to tell them I’m almost there)- but I keep it really short.

  15. No I never text while driving and I am 44! I can barely do it on a tiny keypad and don’t text- 🙂

  16. Ael:

    I do sometimes, but only when stopped or roads are pretty much empty.

  17. Jillian:

    I do it all the time. But on my phone I can just speak into it and it will text what I say so its not as bad. Only bad park is when I have to read it but thats not hard most of the time.

  18. Rachel:

    same as Gracie

  19. Emelia:

    No. It’s stupid and dangerous. It’s also extremely inconsiderate. I’ve almost been hit by people texting and not looking where they’re going. A friend of mine was in a car crash because some guy thought it would be okay to text while driving and drove straight into her. She could have been killed because of one dumb message. I don’t text because whatever could possibly be in that text couldn’t possibly be more important than my safety or the safety of those around me. My respect for someone is immediately lost the moment I see them texting while driving.

  20. Lindsey:

    No. It killed a family member of mine. Why would I want to risk my life or the life of someone else like the person who hit her did? Plus, I’m sure a text can wait until you get to your destination.

  21. Lynn:

    If it’s important & I’m at a stop

  22. Sasha:

    Just to confirm where i’m at or when i’ll be at that destination. But i’ll read them and if they’re important i’ll text back, but if it’s just a simple hey or what’s up, I wait until I stop to text.

  23. Rayton:

    No. I think it’s very dangerous and prefer staying alive than reading some message at once. It’s always possible to stop nearby.

  24. inez:

    im bein honest … i do text constantly… i use T9 and i know my phone so well that i dont even look at the phone except to read a new message and what i just typed back =)

  25. Laura:

    No I do not. I’m 17 years old and although it may be tempting at times, I don’t text while driving.

    Also, I drive a manual car, so I’m not really able to. Which is one of the main reasons my parents wanted to get me a manual car.

  26. Grac(ie):

    Only if I am stopped at a red light that just turned red. I have texted a few times when at a four way stop where I am the only car around.

  27. Russell:

    I don’t because I don’t drive. Foot power FTW.

  28. No. I have enough problems texting when not driving!

  29. sb:

    I used to pick my ex up from work and only texted him at the traffic light to tell him i was at the traffic light and to get outside. If the traffic light was green he was never told. I don’t like the idea of texting whilst driving, if I’m with my mates I trust I’ll get them to read and respond to the text.

  30. Zoe:

    because i feel like it’s not a big deal. i have confidence i can do both. and sometimes i just don’t care… i don’t care if i wreck and die. that sounds messed up but it’s just how i feel every now and then.

  31. Nick:

    Nope. 🙂

  32. Jezzy:

    No. I have never, and will never. And it is incredibly stupid and selfish for anyone to do so. Not caring if you wreck and die is one thing. Being too emo to realize you can kill someone else when you do it is quite another.

  33. Carmen:

    Most everyone here is lying. We pretty much ALL do it.

  34. Brandy:

    No- it’s incredibly dangerous.

  35. Sarah:

    when i get a text message ill check it than ill tell them to call me.

  36. Lizzy:

    Never. When I’m in the car with my sister and she’s driving, I text for her 🙂

  37. Grainne:

    I don’t drive yet, and I don’t text that much anyway. But really, I cannot see why someone would be so stupid to do it. It’s one thing to be a good driver and a quick texter, but to distract yourself from the road for the sake of a message is just idiotic. If it’s that important, pull over, for the love of God. I don’t care if you put yourself at risk, but if you endanger someone elses life like that, you shouldn’t be on the road.

  38. Erica:

    I do not text while driving, because a friend of mine died when she was texting while driving and two- one of my good friends was texting while driving and he hit a Bicyclist and killed them. It is very dangerous.

  39. Sophie:

    1. I can’t drive yet
    2. It is illegal in my country
    3. Even if 1 and 2 were false, I still never ever would because I think it would increase my chances of having an accident and I don’t want that.

  40. Alex:

    yeah sometimes.

  41. hexmage:

    I text and drive all the time. I’m aware it can kill me, hurt me, or do the same to others. I, like most people my age, rate replying to the message higher than being safe.

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