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  1. Nik Nik:

    physically bumping into Patrick Ewing on my way out of the casino in the Bahamas!!

  2. Another girl:

    Just enjoying the beach. I love sand and water a lot!!

  3. (:

    Standing on top of a mountain in Wales when the fog was so dense I couldn’t see ten feet away from me.

  4. Dina:

    I had a religious vacation a year ago and I cried really hard and I spilled out all that was in my heart, it was amazing. No spa or medication or therapist can cure me but Allah.

  5. Kris:

    Spending a whole week with my twin brother, who I rarely get to see. It’s always perfect.

  6. poppa:

    It was when me and my family went to san antiono for the summer:)(i think i spelled it wrong)

  7. Jessica:

    When I was in Hawaii and my family was at the beach, and there were these two whales were jumping out of the water and doing all sorts of cool things. It ended with whichever whale ‘won’ slapping his tail on the water about 10 times directly in front of the setting sun. It was so gorgeous and amazing.

  8. mee:

    being happy..

  9. Dale:

    Spending alone time with my family in the peace and quiet of nature, away from all the distractions of the city.

  10. A:

    Spending REAL time with my REAL parents…not the people they pretend to be at home.

  11. Rachel:

    Disneyland. Walking in the somewhat darkness to a garage shop near the hotel with my Mom.

  12. Rayton:

    Going the touristic center of London all by foot, enjoying the great buildings, a beautiful place only to discover my fromer favorite restaurant, which ceased to exist in my country is just waiting for me around the corner.

  13. Woodie:

    kissing my boyfriend while watching the sun go down on the beach and the stars slowly coming into focus… happy happy memory! 🙂

  14. L:

    There are so many amazing memories.

    But right now, the one that’s really standing out isn’t even my favorite, but it’s just one that always makes me laugh. The “toothbrush” song.

    Hahaha that’s what happens when you go on vacation with a family that includes a dentist.

  15. Moudi:

    BBQing on the beach with my friends

  16. whats a vacation?

  17. Oana:

    Camping with my sister next to the bran castle, we spend every night looking at the castle and telling vampire stories

  18. Anonymous10:

    When I went home for my mom’s surgery after being diagnosed with cancer, I made her smile and laugh whilst in the hospital bed. And same time also, after running one late evening, my youngest sister took me to this place where I first learned to swim. She didn’t know that, but it brought back memories and knowing that we both find it beautiful. It’s hidden away from people and so it’s very quiet and private. We went swimming after running and we didn’t have any spare clothes or towels with us.

  19. Zoe:

    Going snorkeling on an island with my uncle

  20. Hallow:

    Hanging out with my host sisters when I was on exchange in California. We went for pizza, mini golf, go-karting and wrapped up by going to a market and watching a spray-paint artist. We didn’t get back home until 11PM.

    Best night of my life.

  21. Sasha:

    Going to Europe one summer. I met a girl that lives in a different country and we soon became best friends. We still email and facebook.

  22. Nick:

    When I first learn how to swim.

  23. Amanda:

    Everything about the vacation I took to Las Vegas last year. I love it there.

  24. Em:

    Getting off a plane after a 23hour flight, and seeing my sister for the first time in 2years…
    I’ll never forget the way we cried out each others names. Suddenly I felt whole again.


  25. JC:

    My summer fling, four years ago… when I got stung by a jellyfish, while having a makeout session in the ocean at night. 🙂

  26. Eljai:

    do I have to choose just one? My grandson crawling onto my lap so I could read a book to him and saying ” I love you Colonel”, Watching the fountain at night with Pat in Vegas, Char eating blueberries in the backseat on the way to MI.

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