Question 446

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  1. Aris_LV:

    People tend to make friendship based on how their potential friend could be useful – money, fame etc.

    From my experience: I’ve made such few friendships. But I have only 2 real friens (best friends), they are nor rich, nor famous. And we became friends accidentally and they are real nice.

    So thats my opinion why nice people have so few friends.

  2. Sophie:

    Being nice tends to feel one dimensional

  3. Catie:

    All people see in the person is nice. They dont think that the nice person has ever felt alone or dissapointed so they dot bother with them. But just because a nice person projects niceness oon the outside doesnt mean there feeling sad or alone on the inside. People dont take the time to notice it

  4. Cyerha:

    It seems as if the nicer a person becomes, the less people decide to continue talking with them.I can’t tell you how many people have stopped talking to me over the years. I’m down to 4 friends.

  5. Kim:

    I wish I knew. People always call me nice… but that’s about it. Maybe I am just too boring for them, but how could they know if they never even try to get to know me better?

  6. Franz:

    People who are rather hated and bullied tend to think deeper about life and everything. Therefore they realise many things that most people never will, because they had no motivation to think about. All of the people that I know that aren’t replacable but rather individual and interesting are outsiders. All of the people I know that are good souls are people that suffered.
    Most people that have many “friends” are, up to a certain degree, not what I’d call a “good person”.

  7. Copper:

    People tend to walk all over nice people. So eventually it might seem that not having as many friends to walk all over you is for the best.

  8. Alex:

    Nice people don’t conform to what others want them to be.
    We are always ourselves and aren’t afraid to show it.
    We are not mean or judgmental and do not want to change to become popular.

  9. Katie:

    Because people are, in general, awful. And they only want to hang with others who are equally awful so they don’t feel bad about themselves. Nice people make us take a look at ourselves and realize we should probably work on who we are. That’s too hard for most people.

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