Question 448

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64 Responses to “Question 448”

  1. Amanda:

    Telling my mom (who’s my best friend) that I missed her phone calls because I was under suicide watch in the local psych hospital.

  2. Dalia:

    That our friendship needed to end.

  3. rob:

    Telling my dad that I don’t think of him as my father, and that I will be a better father than him.

  4. Nick:

    Saying I love you to the girl I fell for.

  5. Becky:


    Me too.

  6. Anya:

    telling dad i lost my virginity and had to go to the doctors for tests when i was 14-15. my best friends were with me though

  7. JC:

    I’ll always love you, because we’ve been through so much, but I don’t feel like I’m in love with you anymore.

  8. Chloe:

    Telling my boyfriend that I wasn’t a virgin because I’d been sexually abused by a friend for half of high school.

  9. Rose:

    Coming out to people — twice. The first time, wasn’t too hard. One time it was over the internet, it was easy. Then another was a brief mention in the bookstore. And two others were at school. One at school was awkward though. A “friend” claimed that everyone thought I was a lesbian, and I finally told her I was actually bisexual.

    Then I realized that I was a lesbian. Coming out to you best friend twice isn’t fun. Especially when you tell her, and she acts like she doesn’t believe you. Tell your second best friend — same reaction. They hardly reacted, it was just … weird. And then they would joke later about my “future” boyfriend. God, I wanted to scream at them how I was never going to have a boyfriend. But I didn’t. The thing that hurt so much was that my best friend of 5 years, FORGOT. I was devastated.

  10. Sheryl:

    Having my 10 year old son ask me if his dad was going to trial….and the “what would happen if he was found guilty? i should have never had to have this coversation w my child, but some greedy lying people have mad our life hell.

    You have to understand that my husband is innocent and is being retributed against for whistleblowing. Its a very vety difficult situation.

  11. anonimus:

    telling my big brother mom was dead…

  12. Laurel:

    When I was 12, telling my best friend that I had tried to kill myself twice.

    When I was 15, telling an almost complete stranger that my boyfriend beat me and tried to rape me.

    When I was seventeen, telling my best friend & love of my life that if things didn’t change, I was leaving.

    When I was eighteen, telling & forcing myself to do what was best for ME.

  13. Emma:

    I had to tell my sisters how badly I wanted to fix things with them, even though I honestly thought that I would never have our relationship back and that they were just done.

  14. Copper:

    Telling one of my good friends I didn’t love him like he did me.

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