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  1. Aaron:

    Oh my god, yes! I ran over a raccoon when I was on my way to swim practice a few years ago. I ran over the back of it’s body and I saw it trying to limp away. I FELT HORRIBLE THE WHOLE DAY!!!!

  2. Esther:

    I’ve never run over anything, but a duck flew into my car once. He hit the front and then hit my sideview mirror, taking the mirror out in the process. I was absolutely terrified. I couldn’t even turn around to see if he was alive or not; I just kept driving. I felt awful and scared.

  3. Hannah:

    Horrible inside. All of the times it has happened, something else bad followed- call it omen or superstition or bias or self-fulfilling prophesy, but it doesn’t make it less bad.

    I had a dream about running over a duck the other night and woke up crying and so upset. It’s hard to think of randomly taking the life of another living thing, though we do it all the time without noticing….

  4. Tara:

    Yes, I just hit a raccoon recently driving my friend home. I felt absolutely horrible and it made me cry, I still feel bad when I think about it.

  5. Danielle:

    My mom ran over an opossum when I was 10. I cried all the way home.

  6. I don’t drive yet, so I haven’t run over anything nd I hope I won’t when I do drive! It is really horrible and I don’t want to experience it

  7. Dale:

    A large deer ran in front of my car once. I slammed on my brakes, but it still bounced off my bumper. It got up and ran away. I’ve always wondered whether or not it lived. Accidentally hurting another living creature is a heart-breaking experience.

  8. AG:

    Yep. I didn’t feel anything, unlike my pasenger.

    Driving to a location with a co-workr who would not stop talking all the way there. There were dozens of little prarie dogs (small rodent like vermin) all over he side of the roads. Well, one of them ran out in front of the truck and I couldn’t swerve or stop, so we ended up running over it.

    My co-wroker freaked out, saying I had killed it on purpose, so I explained to her that when doing 80-90km/h on a narrow gravel road, one does not slam on the brakes to avoid such a liittle animal, unless one wants to risk losing control and going in the ditch.

    My co-worker, needless to say, was quite upset. But the upside of all this, she stopped talking for all the remainder of the trip.

  9. adb:

    yeah I’ve hit a few birds and a lot of mice, hitting the birds sucked because they were daring…but I’ve never had a soft spot for mice..10 pts!

  10. Carmen:

    On a first date I was the passenger in the car and my date accidentally hit a fox. He was very badly hurt but didn’t die. So to put him out of his misery and inevitable death, we turned around and had to hit him again. I felt so so so terrible and guilty and sad. I cried right in front of my date. What a bad omen of the relationship to come…

  11. sarah:

    i hit a bird one time when i was in the car with my (ex)boyfriend…. i cried and cried, because in my rear view mirror i could see his one wing still flapping. my boyfriend got all frustrated with me for being so sensitive. he was being really heartless about the whole thing and i hated him for it

  12. Rachel:

    Don’t drive. I would go back though.

  13. Anonymous:

    Never hit anything, but when I was little, my dog was hit by a car. The driver was a teenage girl, driving extremely slow.. she came up to our house, crying, asking if it was our dog she had hit. Of course I was heartbroken for the loss of my dog, but I was even more heartbroken for her, and how she must have felt.

  14. Debbie:

    Nope, not a soul and I want to keep it that way!

  15. Nick:

    My dad run over a kitten. I didn’t get the chance to see it happen.

  16. Heath:

    Yes, I’ve accidentally run over many little rabbits. I was driving across a national park in the early morning, and they started running across the road randomly for HOURS of my trip. I felt pretty bad, but didn’t lose any sleep (no endangered rabbits in the area).

  17. Rayton:

    Luckily I haven’t. I’m trying to be extra cautious about driving because I know how deadly it can be.

  18. I’ve run over several snakes. I felt a bit more triumphant each time.

  19. Kevin:

    Yes I have. Get off the road you SOB!

  20. Alex:

    never. but i hate seeing roadkill, especially up close.

  21. I ran over a racoon on my way to swim practice and immediaty burst into tears.I called my mom sobbing.

  22. Brittany:

    I just hit a raccoon 10 minutes ago and i still cant stop sobbing and my mom says its suppid to cry over some rodent!

  23. Brittany:

    I was too afraid to go back.

  24. Heather:

    I just ran over a raccoon on my way home from work. I feel like a terrible person but I couldn’t stop to see if it was alive… The crunch was awful.. It’s night time and it just ran out in front of me.. I’ve never screamed and cried before.. I don’t wish this to happen again..

  25. Chase:

    Me and my friends were speeding down this windy road at night. Playing loud music, having fun, it was a normal saturday night. But then a raccoon jumped out in front of my car. I tried to brake down this hill but the car wouldn’t stop fast enough. I saw its face right before impact and then i felt the bump. The bump of death. We immediately pulled over and drove back to the spot only to see the bright blood stains on the road yet no raccoon. We searched everywhere for the body but it was not there. All three of us have reported stories of hearing unexplained rustling and seeing the face of the raccoon during the day. We feel haunted by this creature. How do we repent for killing the raccoon before the raccoon spirit destroys our lives?

  26. Jessica:

    I hit possums on purpose. I know. I’m terrible.

  27. Callie:

    My boyfriend (Jamie) and I were on our way home from a night out. Jamie was driving along a narrow country road and suddenly a large rat ran out in front of us. Jamie swerved a bit then stopped the car.
    I got out of the car and put my torch on from my phone.I moved the rat with my boot to see if it was ok unfortunately the rat’s back legs were crushed.
    The poor rat looked in pain I got back into the car and said to Jamie we be best putting it out of its misery it’s in a bad way. We both love animals but it was for the best. I told Jamie to reverse backwards over the rat which he did it was so sad but felt we did the right thing.

  28. Sean:

    I have no idea how old this thread is, but last night, I hit a raccoon with my car. I saw it approaching my left tire, and I slammed on my breaks. I hit it going about 10 miles per hour, and I felt the front left tire go over it before it bounced off my bumper. It sort of rolled around on the ground, startled, then ran off. I was so horrified. I turned off my music and pulled over and started crying. I felt so bad. I’m still thinking about it today. I’ve hit and killed a possum before, and I had the same reaction. I’ve also hit 2 squirrels and a chipmunk. I live in a fairly rural/suburban area, so there are always animals around.

  29. Mazl:

    Turning a corner on a winding road, we hit a baby kangaroo. We turned the car around to go back and it had just a small trickle of blood oozing from an eye. It looked so sad, so lifeless. We felt it may have been following it’s mother but there was no sign of her and it looked as if it was not long out of it’s mother’s pouch. We gently dragged it off the road and covered it with soft greenery. I remember saying we should pray for it and give thanks for it’s short life. We did. It was awful and whilst we knew there was nothing we could have done to avoid the accident, I cried and cried. And yet, there are so many kangaroos in my country, but this life was precious. In an instant it was dead. Just like that.

  30. Victoria:

    I just hit a raccoon on my way to work at 5am, and I’ve been a sobbing mess since. It just literally showed up on the road out of nowhere, and I couldn’t see it in time because my brights were off because of a car that just went by. I briefly saw a small brownish “thing” before i heard the awful thump under my right tire. I started freaking out, thinking it could have been a cat and because I’d never hit an animal before (only bird who were stupid enough to fly into my windshield). When I turned around to see if it was still alive or dead, I found it was a raccoon. I stopped and turned around to face it so I could see if it was still alive or not. The coon itself looked like any other roadkill, only it had just died a minute or so ago. There was blood coming out of its head, and it wasn’t moving and was in the same position it had been when I hit it only now was lying on its side. It was a few feet up from where I had hit it, but I think my tires may have pushed it forward (as it was facing the same direction as before and was likely killed on impact), or maybe some predator already tried dragging it off. There was a huge puddle of blood staining the road, which freaked me out the most. I was thankful it wasn’t a cat, but I still cried like a baby and felt terrible for taking a life (even if it was a “vermin”). I still do feel bad about it…and haven’t checked to see if my car has damage (which I doubt) or blood on it… I’m gonna take a different road home, and plan to avoid that road for a long time.

  31. Barb:

    I was a tiny baby ‘possum get hit this morning on my way in. I saw the little thing wriggling on the road. I didn’t even hit it and I FEEL awful, just awful and want to cry.

  32. allison:

    I was in the back seat of my moms car and my aunt was driving literally 20 min ago and I saw a raccoon coming, I yelled stop but then I lelt the tires roll over and I instantly put my hands over my face and cried like never before. I am absolutely traumatized. I know it was just a raccoon but god made everything for a reason and so when people say “it doesn’t matter, it was a coon” it makes me even more mad.

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