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  1. Aaron:

    The kids might not be as happy because their parents might be working a lot more.

  2. becca:

    They don’t have as much to look forward to. They can easily get what they want. They don’t have to work and wait for it. Life isn’t as exciting.

  3. The average population is against the rich getting getting any kind of tax break.

  4.  :

    They have a lot more to lose and carry a lot more responsibility.

  5. Nick:

    How to spend their money wisely.

  6. Maya:

    Their parents work too much, less familytime. And the dont learn to fight for what they want. Or work for it…

  7. LaraC:

    They have nothing to fight for

  8. Ael:

    They fall into the “rich person” stereotype, where everyone assumes they don’t have to work for what they want and that they have nothing to look forward to. Sometimes they have to learn that money can’t buy everything.

  9. [nm]:

    they have no problems, life is peachy for them…. we should all aspire to be that happy

  10. Susan:

    Just because you can, it’s hard to NOT give your kids everything they want. You have to do your job as parents and teach them the value of money, how to earn it and most importantly, how to respect it and the power it bestows upon you. If you do not teach them this valuable lesson – with your example and guidance, they could possibly grow up feeling ‘entitled’ and as a result, you have failed them as parents.

  11. swirling-thoughts:

    they might have a dysfunctional family.

  12. Heather:

    Susan said exactly what I wanted to. When you have a lot of money at your expense, it’s hard not to spend, spend, spend and get yourself and your family everything they want. When you have to work hard for your money just to make ends meet, your kids appreciate more when you get them something they’ve really been wanting. No one wants a spoiled kid.

  13. Justin:

    When they could buy anything they want except they can’t buy away their loneliness.

  14. Danielle:

    Higher debt

  15. Rachel:

    They don’t know what it feels like to want something and how great it feels when you get it after soooooooooooooooo long

  16. Drew:

    sometimes their butler might call in sick

  17. Evanna:

    some people expect their wealthier friends to pay for everything when they go out

  18. The girl with the labeling name:

    It’s harder than anyone really think it is— especially when your last name labels you. It’s difficult meeting new people for me; once they hear my last name they freak out. Or if someone hears of me before they meet me, they assume I’m a brat. Not true.
    I also work hard—as the daughter of a rich business man, people think I get whatever I want handed to me on a silver platter. That is BS—I work by doing well in school, and helping out at my father’s businesses. I even earn my own money by raising farm animals and selling them in our county’s fair.
    Don’t get me wrong—I know I’m blessed with this life; my family travels constantly, and I love seeing the world. But it just makes me uncomfortable when people ask me questions like how big my house is, or how much money my parents make.
    Bottom line; it’s hard but worth it, and the only way to get rich is to work hard.
    Morel of the story; don’t judge people by name or price tag—let them be who they are.

  19. Lizzy:

    Our problem; Obama.
    Enough said.

  20. L.:


  21. Dale:

    It would be really hard to make friends. Real ones.

  22. Mohamed:

    Can the rich go to bed knowing there are many people around who cant even afford a single meal ?

  23. sb:

    A rich family still has the opportunity to show love and affection towards their children but soon forget what love actually is, money does not take the place of love unlike many of them think. they forget what really matters in life and forget that money does not buy happiness. they still have everything they could ever want except they lost track of themselves along the way. I’d much rather be poor than never to worry about money. It is better to love than fill a hurting heart with stuff you don’t need.

  24. L:

    When others assume your haughty and vain just because you have money. Some of the most successful
    people in the world drive economy cars and wear dorky clothes because they don’t care what others think. Sure, some things are a given—a comfortable lifestyle, expensive trips etc., but I still have to work hard at school, get good grades and be as responsible as I can. You just don’t let it all go to your head.

  25. Rayton:

    maybe the attitude that money can fix everything. Even if true for some cases, it’s a very negative one. also, people judge them and might not know them for who they are but for what they have.

  26. ryan:

    The constant pressure of having to look good and show off to the “in” crowd instead of simply enjoying life.

  27. Kelly:

    The question should be: “Why are poor people happier than rich people”

    And yes, I would think it’s because they have more to lose and a ‘reputation’ to uphold

  28. Monika:

    It depends on the individual person really, each family is different.

    Learning that the most important things cannot be bought with money.

    People liking you not for “you” but your money.

    People disliking you without even getting to know you, because of your money, family name.. et cetera

    Only being able to marry someone that your parents like.

    Having your parents live your life by making all the choices for you.

    Cant go to places like Mcdonalds, even if you just want to try it.

    Parents are to busy with there life to be a real parent to there kid.

    There futures are already planed for them. Maybe they want to be a rock star or artist? Or maybe there dream is to work with animals, buying a zoo isn’t the same. Meeting the celebrity and getting the best seats isn’t the same as singing with a bunch of people cheering you on.. et cetera

    In my opinion its very important that they learn the value of money. There are going to be some ups and downs with every human, rich or poor.

  29. wizz:

    paying more tax

  30. Shayne:

    Their yacht was painted the wrong color.

    I’m just kidding, but all the real answers were already said 😛

  31. Sophie:

    People not realising that no matter how good you have it, after a while it will feel normal. Not special. You will still have the same amount of sadness and hurt as everyone else.

  32. Catie:

    nothing important

  33. Alex:

    Kids might have a harder life.

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