Question 456

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  1. kristin:


  2. ☻♣♦:

    real bestfriend/hug/someone

  3. abbey:

    honestly, I don’t need anything. but more than anything I want my best friend to get better and not be diagnosed with a terminal disease.

  4. ashley:

    A good relationship and a guy who won’t lie to me or cheat on me and who is open with me about everything that won’t betray my trust.

  5. Gloria:

    wow, Ashley, I feel ya. But what I need more is this:

    The Lord’s Presence.

  6. Shaniqua:

    Agree with ashley.

  7. Joe:

    A pint and a smoke! And a lot more time to write my thesis..

  8. Danielle:


  9. Amanda:


  10. Honey B:

    A ticket to Portland. Just one more day with him.

  11. Rayton:

    trust in myself

  12. Kat:

    Faith. In humanity.

    Hope. In general.

    Trust. That he won’t be as evil as the last person.

    Love. For myself unconditionally.

  13. Danielle:

    Proof that my girlfriend really loves me and cares about me

  14. JJ:

    A peice of chocolate and a warm puppy.

  15. Richard:


  16. randomteen:

    Money!! Not millions..but more like couple of thousands 🙁

  17. Anonymous:

    A vacation, a little excitement, and to not be as lonely at the moment.

  18. girl:

    Love… deep passionate love!

  19. Tessa:

    A light, at the end of the tunnel…

  20. Dalia:

    I need someone to tell me that all of this is worth it.

    The longing, the rules, the unrequited hope.

  21. Nic:

    A hug

  22. kal:


  23. Karie:

    proven wrong

  24. Nick:

    Love and assurance.

  25. rob:

    a blowjob

  26. wizz:

    loads of money

  27. wizz:

    lol robs comment

  28. wizz:

    perhaps he should hook up with nick

  29. Amanda:

    for him to be in the love of my life and my best friend.

  30. Ricky:

    Genuine people and someone to love

  31. Shen:

    Self-control and motivation

  32. Sophie:

    A boy whom I can fall asleep on the shoulder of and then have them be there the next morning and the one after that.

  33. pinkycarrot:

    to lose weight…friends 🙁

  34. Catie:


  35. Jessica:

    A friend.

  36. Kendall:

    A shoulder to cry on

  37. Ioana:


  38. Brandy:

    Self confidence

  39. morgan:

    To go back in time and hug him one last time, tell him that i am sorry for anything hurtful i may have ever said, to tell him that i cherish him and all that he was, to tell him that because of him, i will never be the same person that i was destined to be. i will be so much better. to tell him not to do it, to live and to find hope instead of taking himself away from everyone here; from taking the love of my life away from me, my future with him, our future family and our life we had all planned out.

    Right now, what i need most is to go back and show him that i loved him, because then i know he would have never made that choice, and i would not have to say this right now. i need to go back and stop him.

    that is what i need most right now.

  40. xox:

    I need stability, more compassion, and peace of mind.

  41. Laurel:

    To feel loved again.

  42. Kim:

    Someone who cares

  43. Eljai:


  44. Eljai:

    To finish “Terce”

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