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  1. Sasha:

    Going to the gym and doing different work-outs. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.
    I love the feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing an improvement.

  2. Climbing at my local bouldering gym. Every time I conquer a route that I’ve been looking at for a while, it makes me very happy.

  3. Richard:

    Training for marathons

  4. I enjoy running.

    And also, I’ve been on this pier. Hooray California!

  5. Drew:

    May seem nerdy or whatever, but I play DanceDanceRevolution and I love it.

  6. DeeA:

    rope jumping 🙂

  7. Aaron:


  8. Leila:

    walking. i love the chance to breathe, get away from it all, and look at all the beautiful moments around me.

  9. Heath:

    Rock climbing at the gym during the week, and venturing out onto real rock on weekends where I’ve got time.

    Also, for my main meal of the day (which is lunch, here in Brazil) I always make sure half of my plate is salad and fruits.

    I also tend to walk quite a bit, but this is less of a choice, and more because I live in a big city where waiting for public transit is not always a good option.

  10. Kathryn:

    Dance. It is fun and it is beautiful.

  11. R:

    dancing to music

  12. Laurel:

    Aerial yoga!

  13. LaraC:


  14. swirling-thoughts:

    i like running and also playing Dance Central

  15. Meghan:

    I do small yoga moves and push-ups in my room because I am insecure of others watching me. I also need to get back to running around my neighborhood, at night when no one can watch me.

    It would be great to start riding a bike soon, but there are not many places around to do so.

  16. bsf:

    dance, definitely, and bike riding

  17. a:

    ballet and yoga

  18. DSL:

    Dancing and zumba (which is kinda dancing xD)

  19. Ael:

    Dance, basketball, being in a band and running around on stage and singing, and then actually running for my school’s track team. 🙂

  20. Nic:

    Working out… it’s simply addictive

  21. Gracie:

    I totally work out by playing just dance 2
    because im cool

  22. Morgan:

    I love biking! It feels like you’re flying 🙂

  23. Rachel:

    Dance crazily in my room

  24. Anonymous10:

    Running outdoors (or on the treadmill during harsh winter weather) and body pump (weight lifting for muscle toning) are my favorite ways of staying fit. As mentioned above, working out is just really addictive and I love it. Eating less carbs is an effort to me cos I like complex carbs like pasta, bread and rice but I try to eat less of them if I can. And I eat lots of fruits.

  25. Saivie:

    Dancing, mostly. It makes me sad that I left it growing up.

  26. Anonymous:

    Horseback riding (:

  27. Chris:

    I’m surprised no one has said “sex”! It’s clinically one of the greatest and most efficient full-body workouts, besides the obvious psychological benefits. Definitely my favorite 🙂

  28. Gloria:

    Bellydancing. alone. by myself. No men to oooooogle. just me, something beautiful, a veil, my coin belt, and some music by candle light.

  29. Mickey:

    I drink standing up once in a while. That counts, right?

  30. Kat:

    I’m glad someone said sex, cuz I was about to!

    I also go to the gym quite a bit, and I played sports [soccer & riding horses] growing up.

    On top of that, I have alot of energy, so if I don’t get it out, I’ll start bouncing up and down, or go out dancing.

  31. Rayton:

    I like working out and running once in a while.

  32. Evanna:

    running. love love.
    ab workouts. I want abs!
    swimming, though I don’t do it much
    dance parties downtown with my girlfriends
    and most recently, roller derby

  33. Catie:

    playing on my kinect its a great workout and its fun who knew

  34. penny:

    Surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing and even more surfing, plus a little kickboxing

  35. Ali:

    Dancing (: I’m taking a zumba class in the fall. Not to mention I go to raves at least twice a weekend and don’t stop dancing from 10 PM til 2,3, sometimes 4 in the morning.

  36. working out, group exercises like “body combat,body pump,hip hop dance plus yoga with a twice a week muay thai class and not to forget running for a cause. That’s what makes me fit and it makes me feels good inside and out.

  37. Copper:

    Tennis. Because I have so much fun doing it, I don’t feel like I am exercising. Makes me more willing to do it.

  38. AM:


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