Question 458

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  1. The answer to these questions:

    “What will truly make me happy?”
    “What am I truly talented at?”

  2. Rafael:

    Does she like me too?

  3. MB:

    why am i the way i am?

  4. What am I supposed to do with my life?

  5. Angria:

    Why am I still stuck in this limbo?
    Will I ever be able to trust someone again, like I was able to with him?

  6. Morgan:

    Will he ever feel that way?

    Will I ever be the way I want to be?

    Will it ever get easier?

    Do they all really love me?

  7. kp:

    Why are certain people put into our lives?
    If they are not meant to stay, why do certain people touch our souls so deeply that we will never get over them?
    Why do human relationships cause us the most pain, yet they are the very things that humans were made for?

  8. Drew:

    Why is it so hard to change back to who I use to be and just be happy again?
    Things used to be perfect and I was a pretty good person, I basically lost that, along with a lot of other things in my life.
    I’m looking up, but things still kind of suck.

  9. Life:

    Is there something to look forward to after death?

  10. SS:

    How can I make happiness less fleeting and more stable

  11. The ultimate answer.. Life, the universe, everything!

  12. Sasha:

    How do you know if the person you’re with is the person you’re meant to be with?
    Is he the one?
    Should I bother trying, should I give it a chance and give it all i’ve got, should I fly half way across the country to be with him….?

  13. Rob:

    Will I be able to find the true love again?

  14. ashley:

    What is happiness anymore?

  15. Aaron:

    Will I get this job today? Will I be able to balance work and play? Will I be too stressed out?

  16. Anonymous10:

    My all time favorite song is ‘How deep is your love (Bee Gees)’ and that’s the question I want to seek answers for.

    Also, “When will I find true love?”

  17. LaraC:

    why we are searching for answers

  18. Heath:

    The funny thing is I couldn’t think of one darn question when I first read this. It was like I’d either stopped looking, stopped being wistful, or learned to enjoy life for what it is, a journey with no questions or answers. Then I read the stuff other people posted. Now I’m going to to with:

    1. How can I maximize the sheer amount of awesome in my life?
    2. How can I discover all of the amazing foods I have yet to try?

    The “Why” questions all seem kinda pointless to me, as there really aren’t universal purposes in my philosophy of life. Stuff just happens, and I try to help that stuff be great for me and other people.

  19. JJ:

    Will I ever find someone to fall in love with and get married?

  20. soapboat for goatfarms:

    the best ones ever, mostly

  21. Minnie:

    How can I feel motivated to want to do anything?

  22. Chelsea:

    Why am I alive?

    How does he feel about me?

    Who am I??

  23. Why do bad things happen to good people?

  24. Kris:

    Why can’t I find someone who will love me as much as I love them?

    Why you can put all your trust in one person and they let you down…?

  25. Rachel:

    Does he like me too? and to my beliefs

  26. ☻♣♦:

    where can a find a job ?
    do i have real friends? where are they?
    where will i be after 3 years

  27. Jordanrena266:

    What’s my purpose In life?
    And one that I will never know: how many people will show at my funeral and who will cry

  28. life_rider:

    none.. at all! I’m just trying to have fun 🙂

  29. nerazzurri:

    is there any life after death?

  30. Sam:

    what is the key to my own happiness.
    how do i move on.
    when will better things come.
    is there a god?
    what is there beyond life.

  31. Brandy:

    I really wanna figure out God somewhat & how to get close to God!

  32. kiwi:

    what can i do to make and keep myself happy?
    how can i get motivation?
    will it be possible to find out if my baby has inherited the predisposition to depression before he/she is born?(when/if i ever become pregnant)
    will he and i ever get a chance?
    will the amorous feelings i had for him so long ago continue to be unmatchable for the rest of my life?

    any answers or thoughts on these questions would be greatly appreciated

  33. pit:

    a reason to live

  34. Dalia:

    Am I really the person I think I am, or am I the person with multiple personalities that everyone tells me about?

    Am I worthy of love?

    Am I screwing myself over?

  35. T:

    1. What do I want to do for the rest of my life?

    2. How do you undo a phobia?

  36. Karie:

    will i ever learn to take that leap of faith and give someone a chance?

    will anyone ever prove my thoughts wrong?

  37. George:

    Will I ever understand?

  38. curlyhairedmonster:

    What course in university should I choose next year?

  39. Nick:

    The answers for
    “Will God forgive me after all I’ve done?”
    “Will I ever combat my bad habits?”
    “How can I be confident?”

  40. wizz:

    what comes after death?

  41. Becky:

    Who am I?

    Who cares?

    Who will we be?

    How did we get here?

    Will I ever get out of here?

  42. noemi:

    what my purpose in this world is. who are my true friends and could one of them be someone i have now. who will come to my funeral. what people think of me. whos thinking of me or whos mind i cross. how do people see me. how i come off to other people. what people think of me. will i ever make something of myself in this life. how have i affected the world. is religion real. we cant be the only existed beings in this universe, who or what else exists in the universe.

    so many more questions………….

  43. pinkycarrot:

    why am i still overweight?

    who cares?

    what truly makes me happy?

    how did i get out of here?

  44. Laurel:

    Who am I?
    Who do I want to be?

  45. Kim:

    I wish I would know where I could find a true friend. I wish I could know why so many people have so many friends and take them for granted and I end up with no one, yet I would be someone who would really appreciate a true friend.

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