Question 459

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69 Responses to “Question 459”

  1. Matt:

    Broken Hearts

  2. Nick:

    Anything that wrecks one’s life.

  3. DW:

    sex trafficking

  4. Green Knight:


    A survivor of the concentration camps told me something that I will never forget: “Do not use the word ‘hate.’ I have seen what hate can do.”

  5. Niki:

    Anything bad or evil. Satan, that would defintley be someone to get rid of in this world.

  6. somebody:


  7. Anon:

    Cooper Betts.

  8. Anon:

    Well…no. I take that back. He’s probably a good person deep down inside, I just wish he would show it rather than hating on anyone who doesn’t conform to his standards, including my best friend.

  9. Catie:

    people who judge you for being different

  10. Gina:


  11. Annie:

    Greed. And selfishness.

  12. Ioana:

    Violence, Hate & Envy

  13. Jean:

    Hatred, and jealousy.

  14. blz:


  15. Ali:


  16. Copper:


  17. Alex:

    Organized Religion.
    Belief in God CAN still exist.
    Just the hate from the organized religions should be gone.

  18. Tony:


  19. Darky.:


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