Question 460

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  1. Jay:


  2. Aaron:

    Because they don’t act like me. LIKE A BOSS!! 😀

  3. The feeling of powerlessness I get while I’m working for Them.

  4. Angria:


  5. Drew:

    I agree that America is greedy and whatnot, but please stay away from the biased questions.
    The more I see them, the more I want to stop going here.

  6. Dale:

    Being just a number. Most of the larger companies I’ve worked for try to convince you that you’re not, but you are.

    It’s all about the bottom line for them. If they can get rid of you and find someone else to do the same job for cheaper, they oftentimes will… eventually.

    Working with and for small businesses is where it’s at.

  7. Susan:

    I’ve worked for the same major Fortune Top 10 corporation for the past 20 years. It’s been very good to me and my family and provided us with a very nice life.

  8. Vicky:

    how simple.. what do i hate about corporate america ?
    corporate america itself

  9. Rachel:

    Have to agree with Angria. Everything.

  10. Heath:

    The fact that corportations put the Holy Dollar before anything else in the world, including the long-term health of the planet and the short term lifespans/quality-of-life of lowly humans.

    Basically, fuck Corporate America. Capitalism taken to it’s logical extreme is insanity combined with a dash of pure evil. It needs to be tempered with empathy, reason, and humanity, or we end up with … this; our world, right now, in all it’s glorious horror.

  11. Evanna:

    How insurance (home insurance, health insurance…) companies can wriggle out of covering serious conditions.

  12. Me BC:

    When corporations don’t “incorporate” a moral compass to business.
    I hate hearing it’s all about the numbers.

  13. Mahesh:

    Corporations Built America. They are where anyone who had put enogh effort in building their qualifications can grow to any level. One thing that they should stop doing is trying to push small players aside and try to become a monopoly in their fields. But I guess that nature comes with the open economy nature of the country and cant be ruled out.

  14. Kelly:

    I don’t like the cement building, concrete sidewalks, and busy streets where everyone is rushing and pushing to get somewhere and not taking time to enjoy life. There’s no room to breathe or relax in corporate america. I want to see green around me, I want trees and flowers and occasionally a sidewalk to walk on. We as people need to find a balance between natural america and corporate america because if we don’t this world will be smothered.

  15. MReddy:

    Loyalty towards their backbone (staff) is wanting

  16. Lelio:

    I dislike the focus on money the most. It’s so completely necessary. Living without money is exceedingly difficult, and the focus on money seems to just keep growing more acute.

  17. blz:

    The fact that I don’t live there.

  18. Alex:

    Lying and Greed

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