Question 461

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  1. A:

    I hate people who have sex when they are teenagers (before marriage as well), but mainly teenagers. I’m in high school and I always hear about these girls who have had sex. All that I think about is how they are not showing self worth and how stupid it is that you need to give it up in order to become “popular.”

  2. Ankita:

    Smoke just to act cool,be mean and two faced and a backchatter just to be popular lots of students in my year do this and im only in year 8:(

  3. Nick:

    Always following fashion trends.
    Playing video games.
    Those who waste their life on drugs.

  4. Green Knight:


    Nothing can justify it. No one can explain why they started except “everyone else does it!” Smoking kills not only the smoker, but the people around them, and it pollutes the air AND ground (aka very bad for the environment tha we ALL have to live in!) I can’t stand the smell and I can’t stand how spineless and unoriginal smokers are. You don’t have to do something just because “everyone else” does it!

  5. Mayfreya:

    Judging people by their appearance and I hate bullying!

  6. oana:

    facebook “share yourself” – you have to BE somebody to share yourself!!!

  7. Lelio:

    Being lame to each other.

  8. Noemi:

    smoking. drinking. drugs. bullying. just being mean to other people. swearing. taking a situation and “picking at with tweezers”. making a big deal out of nothing. doing stupid things that put their life in danger. sex and sexual stuff as teenagers.

    i hate when people think their problems are more important then other peoples.
    im going to make a list of things that people do that bother me.

  9. LOL:


  10. Tiffany:

    People who force their beliefs on others. Seriously, I’ve read so many anti-sex posts on here! I support using protection and waiting until you’re ready, not sleeping around and all that, but seriously who the hell are these people to judge? If you don’t want to have premarital sex then don’t, but sex is a natural thing, and while it’s best to be careful about it, it’s really not something that’s that extravagant or detrimental to humanity.

  11. Nibor:

    Pornography; Cheating

  12. Catie:

    wearing rainboots as a fashion statement they were made for rain not to wear everyday

  13. Matt:

    Getting angry.

  14. Annie:

    Acting like it doesn’t matter. Like nothing matters. That people should just float through life. I wish people would just give a damn about something sometimes.

  15. Jean:

    Saying hurtful things to people because of their race, sexual orientation, life style, and health disorders.

    If you don’t know them, don’t judge them.

  16. anonimus:

    being material.

  17. Copper:

    Lying to those whom you care about.

  18. Alex:

    Judge and hate others without getting to know them.
    Labeling people.

  19. Rob:

    Give themselves away like they’re nothing. We were bought at a price! You are worth EVERYTHING He gave to be with you!!! Our lives were not meant to be spent in strangers’ beds.

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