Question 462

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  1. Laurel:

    I will discipline them, never beat them.
    I will admonish them, never scream & curse at them.
    I will tell them how much I love them, not say I wish they were dead.
    I will not manipulate and lie to them.
    I will never make them wish they were dead.
    I will never mock their short-comings.
    I will never cause them the pain she caused & causes me.

  2. Kim:

    I would never make my kid feel like it was just an accident.
    I would never make my kid feel like its dolls and toys are the only things that are always there for it.
    I would never make my kid feel like it could not talk to me.
    I would never put a TV show higher in importance as my kid. Never.
    I would go to parks with my kid. I would feed birds with my kids and go to zoos. I would introduce my kid to different cultures and languages and support my kid in its dreams.
    I would never tell my kid that its dreams will never come true.

  3. Copper:

    Make them feel like they can be open and talk to me. I love my parents, but our family wasn’t very open. And because of that I don’t feel like they really ever knew the real me growing up. In my adult life I’ve made an effort to change that on my own by talking to them more. I hope my kids will fill comfortable to share their real selves with me.

  4. Natalie:

    I’d definitely travel EVERYWHERE. The only place I’ve ever been in Florida. And I won’t tell my kids what religion, or sexuality they have to be either. They should discover it for themselves. And the last thing I would change is how important grades are. I hate the pressure my parents put on me for straight A’s.

  5. Alex:

    I will teach them to be theirself no matter what. No matter if there will be hate to them, because living life the way they want to live is the best way for them.

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