Question 463

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36 Responses to “Question 463”

  1. Benjamin Pratt:

    It’ll, probably, earn me a lot of hate, but most, if not all, Apple products are a rip-off

  2. Julia:

    Gas prices.

  3. Ryne:

    1. Price of Higher Education
    2. Movie Popcorn

  4. Nicoley:

    @ Ryne

    as a matter of fact, a lot of things in America are a rip off
    clothing, sneakers, food at theaters/stadiums, education, gas…a lot

  5. Blair:


  6. Aaron:

    I like that. Higher education for sure. I’ve learned a lot in college, but it’s SO expensive!

  7. L:

    Processed food.

  8. Conor:

    Velcro and wax strips

  9. Morgan:

    Clothes prices, gas, movies.

  10. Life:

    Bottled Water.

  11. Lizzy:

    Obama raising tax prices on ‘rich’ people. That’s hard earn money you jerk! Why the crap would I give it away to anyone else without my permission?

  12. Hailey:

    Music Schools. Really not worth it.

  13. Heath:

    The retail cost of soda and popped-popcorn is ridiculous. College textbooks, also ridiculous. I also think that paying 30K dollars to waste 4 years on a degree that can’t even earn 40K per year is a huge rip off. Also, most ‘fashionable’ clothes are way too expensive (not to mention short-lived). Hmmm, the more I think about it, the more I realize that any high-earning industry has found ways to seriously rip people off… sigh…

  14. Chris:

    Homeopathy. My friend just started using seeing a homeopath for a mood disorder to appease his crackpot mother. I know they’re just wasting time and money πŸ™

  15. Danielle:

    concession stand food

  16. disaster:

    life, thus far. and nobody start with the – whatever. end of thought.

  17. Lynn:

    Education…btw I disagree with the Obama raising taxes on “rich” people comment. Give the low income people who are hard working and not taking advantage of “the system” a chance…. Dang!

  18. JJ:

    Gum. πŸ˜€

  19. meh:

    healthy food.

  20. adb:

    the monetary system.

  21. Rachel:


  22. mrsd:

    The cost of going to an amuzement park:
    Parking $15.00
    Tickets: $50.00-$75.00
    Food: $3.50 for a soft drink, $5.00 for a small corndog

    At least they still don’t charge $2.50 to use the restroom.

  23. Evanna:

    Bottled water. I mean, really?

  24. Stigm:


  25. Barbara:

    credit cards

  26. Nic:

    Brand-name items (fashion, technology, make-up, foods, etc.)

  27. Kathryn:

    Organic food. If they aren’t putting pesticides and all that crap in the food shouldn’t it be cheaper than regular food?

  28. Nick:

    Gas prices

  29. Sapphire:

    Diet and-weight loss programs.

  30. wizz:

    car parking- it should be free!

  31. Lelio:

    Gym/health club memberships. Why pay for what I could easily do outside for free?

  32. dean:

    not trying to turn this into a political debate…. but what obama is doing is stealing money to give to the non-working slobs of america with a few hardworking ones that cant catch a brake thrown into the mix…. his basic Communist layout is what will ruin this country.

  33. Catie:

    the amount of money it costs to get into a good college not all smart people have to be rich

  34. jon:

    The insurance, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries.

  35. Copper:

    The price to see movies at the theater. And the price of concessions at the movie theaters.

  36. Alex:


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