Question 467

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  1. somebody:

    when my mom brought her family banana bread, when they first moved here, when i was 2.

    in Dance class, miss ya

  2. Jo Jo:

    First day of high school, freshman year…we were both in all high honors classes and I introduced myself every time I met her in each new period. By the third time her reply was “Yeah, we’ve met…” She thought I was weird and 12 years later she still does but now she’s my best friend and has to love me now!

  3. Catie:

    I was six years old and I was taking a walk with my mom and little brother someone else was walking our way a girl and her mom so we met and the moms talked i hid behind my mom in shyness and she went home. I know its weird but by the end of the week we were best friends and still are to this day

  4. penny:

    my sister is my best friend. i met other best friend during basketball camp and she wouldnt tell me her name so i cried and went home. She later moved to my school and i was her first friend.

  5. xox:

    In a group convo two years ago.
    I love her so muchhh <3

  6. Emma:

    The first I met in 6th grade, when she met my then best friend in band and we all hung out in our humanities class.
    The other was my junior year in high school, when she and my best friend came to the football game between our schools and we all sat together.

  7. Natalie:

    In kindergarten. She was playing by herself on the playground, and my current best friend and I thought she was like, the weirdest thing on the planet (which is completely and utterly true). I don’t even remember when we started talking, but we’ve been best friends ever since, and even though I moved away, whenever anybody asks me who my best friend is, my answer is ALWAYS Becca. <3

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