Question 471

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83 Responses to “Question 471”

  1. Alex:

    I’m a boy whose terrified because there isn’t a person in the world who knows who I am.

  2. Rayton:

    I´m caring and quite into personal growth.

  3. anon:

    A lost little girl.

  4. Zee:

    I am an artist, a daughter, a sister, a student, a fighter– though most just see me as “that terrorist.”

  5. Nick:

    I’m everything I wanted to become.

  6. Sarah:

    I am a human that will change the world for the better.

  7. wizz:


  8. Mayfreya:

    I am not a perfect human but I am gifted and very grateful for that.

  9. Lelio:

    I am a young, aspiring actor who is far too critical of himself.

  10. Anonymouse:

    Describe myself in one sentence- here we go.

    I cannot describe myself in one sentence.

  11. kat:

    I am that girl who dances everywhere, literally and metaphorically; I dance on stage as a competitive professional soloist, the words of my stories and poetry dance on the pages they are written on, and my personality dances with the personalities of my friends.

  12. Rick:

    I am always becomming

  13. Roxy:

    I am.

  14. E:

    I’m anything I want to be in this world.

  15. Not who I thought I’d be.

  16. Noemi:

    i am so many things, but overall i have no idea.

  17. cara:

    I am my feelings and my thoughts.

  18. Shen:

    someone who wants to be more than the present me but struggles against the inner tide of laziness and apathy

  19. Nibor:

    I am the one who loves his girlfriend more than anything or anyone else but still hurts her.

  20. Shelby:

    The coolest cat of the pack, with no sack. 😀

  21. Luke:

    I am forever changing.

  22. Catie:

    I am a girl who thought appearence was everything but learned that thats the least important quality of a person.

  23. Jessica:

    I don’t know who I am.

  24. Anya:

    i am someone who has changed and wishes people would realize.

  25. A teenage girl with a messy past, a hard present and a vague future.

  26. Jennifer:

    I am a person who is constantly disappointed in herself and everyone else.

  27. Annie:

    A combination of everyone I’ve ever met that somehow hopes to matter to the world someday.

  28. Jean:

    A girl that is scared that life is too short.

  29. Ali:

    I’m stealing a quote here but, “I myself, am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”

  30. Jessica:

    I am the person who will, and wants to love you unconditionally, but you have to let me.

  31. Roberto:

    i am an observer

  32. Alex:

    I am Alex.

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