Question 472

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44 Responses to “Question 472”

  1. Jay:

    Peanut butter and jelly,

  2. Gracie:

    friends and happiness
    at least for me

  3. Dale:

    Peace and war.

  4. Miranda:

    Good and bad

  5. Aaron:

    working out and pain that comes along with it

  6. Johanna:

    pain and growth.

    We (or I) can learn from the good of life, but I don’t know that growth happens without the pain. Just like physically growing up, there almost always has to be growing pains to reach full height…full potential.

  7. Kirsten:

    Love and trust

  8. Morgan:

    Mistakes and Learning.

  9. progress and criticism

  10. Nic:

    no pain no gain… and not necessarily applied to GYM, but to life and people too.

  11. Chloe:

    Crying and relief.

  12. LaraC:

    proud and guilt

  13. Heath:

    Life and death

  14. soulcatch:

    computer internet 🙂

  15. swirling-thoughts:

    curiosity and adventure

  16. meh:

    Fred and George Weasley.

  17. sarah:

    good times and bad times

  18. dawn:

    sunshine and the lake

  19. Jojo:

    Communication and vulnerability

  20. Life:

    Pain and Love.

  21. Rachel:

    People and pain

  22. zoe:

    hurt and learning
    dreams and desire
    good and bad

  23. Kat:

    All my life my doctors had been telling me how unlikely it was that I’d ever have children. Then, at the age of 35, I met my husband and, for reasons completely unknown to anyone, I found myself pregnant within that 1st year. So, no question about it, without my husband I wouldn’t have my beautiful daughter.

  24. Rayton:

    Beauty and lack of it.

  25. Danielle:

    Love and trust

  26. Nick:

    Confidence and support from the ones I love

  27. wizz:

    Power = Speed X strength therefore without either speed or strenght you can not power.

  28. Kathryn:

    idiots and geniuses

  29. Yin without Yang

  30. Spark:

    Harry Potter & Voldemort =D

  31. Potatoe salad and salami.

  32. Lelio:

    Theatre and happiness.
    If I didn’t have acting as a hobby, I couldn’t be happy. If I wasn’t happy, I couldn’t act.

  33. kat:

    dance class and sweat

    if I don’t leave a dance rehearsal or class dripping with sweat, I am not really happy with myself

  34. Jessah:

    Shadow and sunlight.

  35. Catie:

    mom and dad

  36. Brenna:

    Popcorn and soda

  37. the north and south pole of a magnet

  38. What….me worry?

  39. anonimus:

    Right and left shoe..

  40. Emma:

    Oddly, my sisters. If you see one, chances are the other is right next to them.

  41. Copper:

    Popcorn and a movie.

  42. Tony:


  43. Joey:

    emotions, happiness vs sadness

  44. Anthony:

    This and that

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