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  1. Angria:

    I probably have some form of OCD, but I am incredibly anal about organization and order. Particularly when it comes to my books. When I was little, I literally sobbed if a page was bent or ripped. All my possessions are organized in some fashion and I am such a stickler for routine. Like I said, I’m probably neurotic as I become agitated if something is misplaced or positioned incorrectly.

  2. Maya:

    people I let get close to me

  3. kp:

    What I eat, & who I consider to be my friends.

  4. Morgan:

    What kind of clothes I wear 🙂

  5. Johanna:

    people I let know my entire story. there are only three that know it all, and one is my brother who’s been around to see pretty much all of my story (the parts I don’t like to share especially).

  6. TP:

    I am extremely picky about grammar… I know it’s a bad habit, but whenever people speak poorly, I correct them in my head.

  7. zoe:


  8. Aaron:

    Food, working out (I must do it!), and being clean.

  9. Jessah:

    I’m picky about the people I befriend, I’m a word snob and grammar nazi, I can’t stand it when people don’t pick up after themselves, and I’m OCD about keeping my room 100% organized at all times.

  10. Heath:

    I have preferences about everything (music, sleeping, movies, volume, etc.), but most of them are pretty average. There’s only a few things that I’d say I’m ‘picky’ about…

    If you borrow or use something of mine, you have to ask me first, and then it must be returned to me (or the place you took it from) in exactly the same position/condition (or better).

    I’m can’t stand being late, even more so when it’s the fault of someone who is with me. So I’m picky about people saying they’re going to be ready, and not being ready, when I am waiting for them. This is compounded by the fact that I hate having to wait in situations where I wasn’t aware beforehand that I would have to wait.

    I’m also picky about the way people ask me to do something. If you want me to do something, ask me directly. Don’t just make observations, and expect me to correctly interpret them. Saying “wow, this trash is really full”, or “this table is SOO heavy” is NOT how it’s done. Say “Will you please take out the trash?” and “Can you help me move this table?”

    That’s about it. I’m not picky about food, hygene, organization, appearance, and a billion other things that most people are picky about.

  11. Chelsea:

    About the cleanness of the be I sleep in. I can’t sleep in a bed knowing someone else has layed in there. It’s more a weird obsession actully ^^

  12. TC:

    How my kids are cared for

  13. Sophie:

    The way the washing is hung out. It doesn’t have to be in any particular order, it just has to be hung out properly so it dries.

    Oh and also where the plates/bowls/cutlery etc goes in the kitchen cupboards. They have to go back in the right place haha.

  14. Rachel:

    Clothes and learning for tests

  15. curlyhairedmonster:

    Keeping my toothbrush clean O_o it’s really weird but if I have even the slightest suspicion that someone else has used it (like my sister) I freak out and won’t use it haha

  16. Matt:

    For some odd reason Eyebrows

  17. sugar:


  18. kristen:

    odors…I pick up on smells no one else senses. when people don’t smell them it drives me crazy. biggest pet peeve is when people use the same dish towel or sponge over and over again without noticing it is dirty and very mildewy. Most people don’t wring out the water and this drives me crazy.

  19. Nick:

    Clothes and designs

  20. Christina:

    Food. It’s borderline ridiculous… XD

  21. Chrose:

    loading stuff correctly into the dishwasher…half my family doesn’t do it right -_-.

  22. wizz:

    A woman’s height

  23. Jayne:

    My choice in men. And even then most of the time I choose the wrong ones!

  24. Debbie:

    Like Maya: I’m picky about the people I let get close to me.

    Picky about design too, if it’s not right, it’s simply not right (and i’m not buying it, no comprimises there!)

  25. maria:

    i dont know why and i try not to be but im very picky with guys

  26. It’ll have to beee… not twisting stories when telling the truth.

  27. Lelio:


  28. kat:

    food (I’m vegetarian for health reasons and basically am allergic to all kinds of meat)

  29. Grac(ie):

    pants and pencils
    it also must be pitch black in a room for me to be able to sleep, yet I can’t bring myself to wear eyeshades.

  30. Catie:

    my food not touching

  31. Ali:

    my next boyfriend. I’m young, why settle for anything less than the guy who makes me really happy?

  32. Copper:

    Guys I date.

  33. Natalie:

    Honest? My mashed potatoes. I’ll eat anything you shove on my plate, but if the mashed potatoes don’t have a specific taste or consistency I can’t even swallow it.

  34. Alex:

    The people I date

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