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  1. Ann:


  2. Mark:


  3. charliesangel:

    I dated my best friend, Charlie, from my freshman year of high school (his sophomore year) until October 21, 2007 – five years. October 21, 2007 is the day Charlie’s leukemia took his life. It hurts a lot still…We were looking at engagement rings, and then he got the news that the cancer was back and they had probably caught it too late this time. He never stopped fighting and he never stopped smiling. It might hurt now, but it was worth it…He was my first boyfriend and we were planning on forever…but I wouldn’t take back a minute of the time I spent with him for anything.

  4. Angria:

    My time with my teacher. It was only two years, but his advice and guidance changed my life forever.

  5. Gracie:

    my answer in 3 years will be: being in choir for all of middle and high school

    but my current answer is: i don’t know

  6. Amy:

    Being in a terrible relationship. It was worst three years of my life but I learned so much about myself and what I honestly believe I deserve it was worth it. Sometimes the worst things can make you into a better person.

  7. sugar:

    my mother

  8. Ankita:

    Performing in a large group of audience and then them clapping
    My 12th birthday garden party

  9. us:

    My last relationship.

  10. Debbie:

    My last relationship: I now know what I want and what kind of person I’m ‘looking’ for.

  11. Dale:

    Saw this on MLIA. My first and second years of high school. I went through an awful time, and I attempted to kill myself. But I’m alive today, and I’m so glad I made it. It gets better.

  12. Dale:


  13. Anonymous10:


  14. Cindy:

    My fiance Les and I were together almost 7 years. He passed away. I loved our life together, and life is so difficult without him. He was worth every second we spent together. He made me feel good and happy. Just his laugh or his smile–his voice, would be so nice right now. He was a much loved man. We miss him.

  15. Sasha:

    The relationship with my first boyfriend. I was in love with that boy I never imagined he’d be gone. I was only 15 but I learned a lot from that experience. I don’t think the pain of him being gone will ever completely heal but it was worth while and I don’t regret a second of it.

  16. Anne:

    every single one of my romantic relationships, and all the times I did intimate things without being in a committed relationship.

  17. Heath:

    Every single thing in life. Movies, music, books, relationships, food, mistakes, experiments, people, etc. As long as I learned from it (and it’s pretty hard for me to learn nothing from an experience), it was worth it, and nothing lasts forever…

    Of particular note are all of my previous romantic relationships, and all of the incredible books I’ve read.

  18. Morgan:

    There’s this center in my town where I volunteer and go to have fun sometimes. My mom used to be in charge, but she got let go. It’s going downhill, but for one summer it was perfect. It was the best summer of my life.

  19. s.u.s.a.n:

    My first marriage didn’t last forever; but from that union my son was born and is the greatest thing that I’ve ever be blessed with. I only wish he realized that.

  20. Nick:

    A centennial celebration like no other.

  21. Rachel:

    The plat I’ve just finished

  22. Rachel:

    sorry play

  23. Kris:

    the time i had with my best friend, before she passed away

    the spring semester of my second year of college

  24. Rayton:

    Playing tennis for 6 years.

  25. Matt:

    Right not nothing that i care enough about to fight back for, but in the future i can see the bond between me and my family breaking, im gay and im still in the cloeset to family, i just cant figure out how they are going to react and im scared of taking the leap.

  26. Ana:


  27. Julia:

    High school soccer

  28. M:

    Daniel W. We didn’t get a forever…like we said we once wanted, but it was still worth it. Even with all the pain and tears I wouldn’t want, or wish, to NOT have had him as my first love. I don’t regret him.
    Even if he now hates me.

  29. Lelio:

    Little Women. The first musical I was ever in.
    I’ll never forget that show, or the people I was lucky enough to work with. It didn’t last forever, but it will always be one of my fondest memories.

  30. kat:

    1. the harry potter book series. it saved my life a couple years ago when I first read it but sadly the last new movie is coming out in less than a month.

    2. taking martial arts when I was younger. I quit that to become a dancer but with martial arts I became extremely flexible, confident and strong

  31. Claire:

    Time with my best friend. He is no longer here and it still hurts every day but it was well worth it even though I’m still in pain 7 years after his death.

  32. Saivie:

    My relationship with my high school sweetheart/first fiance. I still love that guy more than I probably should.
    Also, my first girlfriend. I’d give almost anything for a chance to talk to her again.

  33. Heather:

    most people would say being in a certain relationship. but my answer is my time out of one. i was with someone for 4 yrs and even though i felt he was my soul mate at the time i felt i had to leave. so i did. a year and a half later we are back together but i wouldnt change a thing. in our time apart i realized so much i never would had i stayed and also developed and grew as a person seperate from him which needed to be.

  34. Grac(ie):

    My time in the psych hospital (11 long days)

  35. Monica:

    My best friend.

  36. Catie:

    my childhood at the beach

  37. judybaby:

    studying in america for a year. best year of my life

  38. anonimus:


  39. anonimus:

    him and my best friend*

  40. xox:

    Old friendships.

  41. Copper:

    My trip to Italy. Amazing trip with amazing people. One of the best experiences of my life.

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