Question 21

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  1. When I am her age, all I would be worried about is if I’m still allowed to go sky diving. That’s one of my “must do’s” before I die.

  2. Meri:

    When I am her age, what will matter most to me is how much kindness I’m able to generate every moment. If I can generate even more kindness when I’m farther up the road than I can now, then I will have learned what I was born to learn in this life. And Life will be even more full and even more free than it is now.

    My neighbor across the hall is just about the age of the woman in the photo… and she just stopped me in my busy rush to invite me inside to see the beautiful hydrangea her daughter brought her yesterday. Just sharing the beauty together, silently, and noticing all the textures and gradations of lavendar to cream to dark purple filled me with appreciation. And feeling her kindness – her generosity of sharing – left me with gratitude slipping out all over me.

    I want to be able to do that all the time, too, when I get that far down the road…

  3. Charlene:

    Hopefully it will be the person I have grown old with and love more than I could ever imagine.

  4. Cathy:

    My God and my family.

  5. for me in current stage dare to imagine,

    can i still be conscious enough?
    can i still deliver values?

    this might be mostly matters 🙂

  6. Jovita:

    I just hope that just as I’m a child of God & I’m put on this earth for some reason, I have completed my mission. I just hope that as I’m happy that I was born here & happy with the life I lived & the people I met, I just hope that these people feel the same way

  7. Scipio:

    My family. Then, now and always.

  8. Toria:

    I would be no different than I am now. I will know more, but I will still think that God and his will are the most important things. And I know that I will still be a crazy weirdo. I can’t wait. 🙂

  9. Dan:

    Easy to answer. I will never live that long.

  10. Julia:

    I hope my family and the loves of my life. Also, I believe God will be rather important and mean a lot all through my life.

  11. Visa:

    It sort of depends on what I still have. If my friends and family are already gone, then probably..just to enjoy life while I’m still around.. 🙂

  12. Kayane:

    That I’m surrounded by loved ones and not dumped at some nursing home that smells like soap..

  13. bobby:

    My husband.

  14. Kylie:

    That I used everything God gave me to the best I could.

  15. Bo:


  16. Babs:

    I will not know what to do with myself if I have not made an impact on countless people’s lives by the time I am her age. If i have not experienced everything I wanted to, or traveled the world, I will do so at her age.

  17. MrJoe:

    My relationships with other people.

  18. knowing that i made no mistakes. and that i lived a beautiful life.

  19. April:

    My face won’t be able to matter anymore. 🙂 My family and the good things I’ve done in the world will matter.

  20. Chelsea:

    my friends, my family, and reaching out to others

  21. fenixdemilo:

    Haha I will probably be grouchy as hell when I get older. No idea what I would cherish the most when I get that old though. Probably my family, though I have no idea if i’ll even have kids and grandchildren at that age. That’s another thing: nobody knows what family they might have left at that age

  22. Aimee:

    Hopefully? Him.

  23. Amanda:

    My family and that I accomplished everything I wanted to in life

  24. Andrea:

    That I stayed true to myself and before God.

  25. Diva:

    I hope I’ve lived a happy life, and that I’ve made others happy. Also, I’d hope I have a decent place to live with decent income. Let’s just say the life of the elderly in this society isn’t superb.

  26. RubenRybnick:

    my loved ones future

  27. Nick:

    The welfare of my loved ones.

  28. lizzie:

    feel in peace with God

  29. Michael Hitchcock:

    I’ll know that better when I’m her age. I imagine presence will always matter very much. I imagine watching my decendents prosper will bring me joy.

  30. Rachael:

    When I’m her age, family will be all that matters to me… That will be the greatest success of my life, having a family.

  31. Being useful, to myself, and others, to share even the smallest moments with loved ones

  32. Rowena:

    Just simply living.

  33. chichay:

    when i’m her age the people who will be around me will matter most, will i be burden to them or they will just love e unconditionally

  34. nerdgirl32:

    love, time and attention of my family

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