Question 478

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  1. Trevor:

    Dishwasher. For only 3 shifts, then I quit and found something more stimulating.

  2. Richard:

    Janitor, when I was 9

  3. JJ:

    At 10, I was hired as a barn hand and catch-rider at a horse farm.

  4. Aaron:

    When I was born I became a “son” as these supposed “parents” call me.

  5. Angria:

    My first babysitting job at 14. Meh. I still do it, but my “legit” job is being a student tutor at my college.

  6. babysitter

  7. Heath:

    Uhhh, well my first job probably didn’t have an official title. I was a take-your-order-and-money-then-make-change-and-pass-your-lunch-to-you person (Cashier?).

    The first Official title I had was ‘Applications Support’, which basically meant I did any random tech/database tasks they could throw at me with minimal training.

  8. b:

    EMT (emergency medical technician)

  9. Dale:

    I was an ice cream scooper at Ben and Jerry’s when I was 16. I also ate a lot of delicious ice cream while I worked there.

  10. Nic:

    I don’t think it had a title – I unloaded frozen burger patties from trucks and stacked them in the freezer. Freezer stacker?

  11. Ankita:

    I’ve stil not got one and im 12;s

  12. Anonymous10:

    I was a young entrepreneur or just maybe a plain vendor 🙂 – Me and my sis used to make local sweets during summer vacation and sell it to the neighborhood.

  13. Dale:


  14. TP:

    Well when I was quite young I was a babysitter, then a waiter for one event, so I don’t suppose that counts. So my first one with a real paycheck (not paper money from babysitting) was when I was a writer/actor. It was pretty sweet 🙂

  15. Rachel:


  16. Employee at the cinema kiosk.

  17. Lelio:

    I haven’t had a job title yet. Hopefully I can change that soon.

  18. Julia:

    Started a coordinating babysitting business at 13 so I guess “entrepreneur”;for cheque vs cash, “swimming instructor”; but best title a few years later? “Johnny Cash Demonstrator” for Canada Trust when they brought in their ATMs and called them “Johnny Cash machines”. Long live the red polyester blazer that went with that position!

  19. RK:

    Loss prevention officer. Actually my first two jobs. Still licensed as a private guard.

  20. kat:

    cleaning lady/assistant at a hair salon (I swept the hair, cleaned the dye bowls and brushes, organized magazines, and set out new products they sold)

  21. Rolo:

    Electrician at the ripe age of 10

  22. Peanut:

    Fruit picker, when i was 16-17.

  23. Grac(ie):

    Sitter. Pet then house then baby (children?)

  24. Nick:

    Student. Age 5.

  25. Kai:

    ESL Instructor

  26. kelly:

    White Sox Surveyor/babysitter/coach

  27. Lily:

    Life guard

  28. Ali:

    Courtesy/Cashier at HyVee when I was 14

  29. Copper:

    Assistant to the curator.

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