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  1. Girl:

    I miss the man My fater used to be.
    and being his little girl.
    Now The only reminder of how much of a “little girl” I am is when i relize im to small to hit him back.</3

  2. Grac(ie):

    My friend Aric. He became like a brother to me, but then my sister broke up with him and he joined the Navy. Now he’s on a ship somewhere far away

  3. thu:

    my boyfriend.

  4. Sarah:

    Sean, the most amazing guy I have ever met.

  5. Sara:

    My uncle, Jonathan, who was murdered for standing up for a stranger at a new years party in 2010.

  6. Teriana:

    I miss my mom… She passed away in January 2010.. I was only 15.

  7. TR:


  8. Jodie:


  9. Nick:

    My HS classmates.

  10. Nibor:

    My girlfriend :'(

  11. Alison:

    My brother.

  12. Sophie:

    The boy who loved me two days ago. He no longer does.

  13. Richard:

    My bestfriend Mia. She died in a car accident 17.may 2011.. Damn, I could do so much just to get she back. I miss you :'(

  14. Catie:

    my grandma

  15. Sam:

    I miss Ryan. (:

  16. Chrys:

    I miss my grandpa. I probably always will.
    I miss my cat, Cutie, who was my first cat. She got really sick and we had to put her down June second of this year. She was my baby, my pretty girl, and I still really miss her.
    I also miss my friends, who we all used to be last summer, in the beginning of the summer. We just all had so much fun and everyone was together… Now half of the group is in different places, and everyone who is left is busy all the time and we’ve grown apart a lot.. It’s just weird. Now things just aren’t so good with a lot of the group. Well actually basically most girls are just annoying me. =/

  17. (Given Up):

    I miss me. I miss who I was before I became depressed. I miss being able to laugh, being able to be happy without faking it. Nowadays that smile people see on my face is completely fake. I miss having a true smile on my face.
    I miss my boyfriend, I miss his heart beat, I miss his voice…
    He’s the one that has kept me from committing the ultimate sin…
    I love you Zach.

  18. kelly:

    my boyfriend, andd..
    R.I.P my grandma, grandpa, grandfather and Gage

  19. Megan:

    All of my friends from nerd camp. I just left 48 hours ago, but I miss them more than you can imagine.

  20. JC:

    My mom. She lives across the country & I haven’t seen her in over four years. My 2 year old has yet to meet her grandma.

  21. Cyerha:

    Quite a few people actually.
    I just moved our of state, so all my family back home, especially my littler brother. He is my pride and joy.
    Also my cousin T.J. He would have been 23 if it weren’t for that car wreck two years back.

  22. judybaby:

    maddie and amanda the two best friends i ever had. when i finish study i will see them again.


  24. Brandy:

    My ex boyfriend.
    Sad thing is hes sitting right next to me.

  25. Ian:

    I miss the person I’ve never met- my daughter.

  26. Ali:

    My nephews, I always miss them.

    And I wouldn’t mind if HE was here with me right now. Even just to talk for a bit.

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