Question 482

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  1. kp:


  2. JJ:


  3. Angria:


  4. Aaron:

    I don’t really have a favorite, but may and june have kicked butt so far.

  5. Riley:


  6. Tessa:

    June I think, but I don’t really have any favorites 🙂

  7. Ana:

    September! It might change, as this will be my last year as a student, but I like the weather and new beginnings.

  8. Kate:

    Early September and October. I love the average temperature; it’s not too hot nor too cold. Also, I love the colors of autumn.

  9. Dale:

    November… when the leaves start to change.

  10. b:

    august, september

  11. Chelsea:


  12. Ching:

    August…because it’s the month I was born and so were my twin boys. And I even had them right on my birthday.

  13. TC:


  14. s.u.s.a.n:

    I have three: MAY . JUL . OCT

  15. erika:


  16. Rachel:

    DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS AND SNOW=]=]=]=]

  17. Heath:

    I don’t really have one, in general. But I do prefer the 70-80 degree temperature range, so, depending on where I’m at in the world, the month that most closely approximates the Good Temps 🙂

  18. LaraC:

    July, summer and a ended another schoolyear

  19. Ankita:

    Where its got summery weather but I have no favourites no not really.

  20. Leila:

    May! the school year ending, the flowers blooming, new life spring up all around, the weather warming…..ahhhhhhhhhhh =)

  21. Anne:

    Hard to say. Its a tie between october, december, and july.

  22. Catie:

    May its not hot but its not cold either…its perfect

  23. olga:

    june hands down. i love it when it’s super hot outside and the sun is shining brightly. winter in canada gets really gloomy so i treasure the summers right from the start. june = <3.

  24. Grac(ie):

    November. I love the challenge of trying to write a novel in one month (NaNoWriMo)…and football season

  25. Nick:


  26. Rayton:


  27. Nibor:


  28. Lindsey:

    April (birthday month ;)), June, December

  29. Kai:

    …December…since i was a child :)…nothing like the Christams season…

  30. kelly:


  31. Lori:


  32. Fallenstar:

    Early August to late November, where the misty autumn reaches its peak, and probably the strange season between the end of February to the end of March…

  33. xox:

    November & December.

  34. Ali:


  35. AM:

    OCTOBER!!!!!!! 🙂

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