Question 483

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40 Responses to “Question 483”

  1. Mike:

    Living a life instead of merely existing.

  2. Aaron:

    I need to spend more time working on my flexibility. It’s holding back the true power I can unleash!

  3. Lockleigh:

    Creating myself by reading more books and studying art and linguistics.

  4. Maya:

    being outside, and be still

  5. Sarah:

    Telling people how much I love them, because who knows when I will ever get to say it again.

  6. S:


  7. Blink:

    Spending time with family and friends

  8. Rolo:

    I need to spend less time thinking and more time doing

  9. JJ:

    I need to spend more time relying on God.

  10. LaraC:

    marveling about the world

  11. Heath:

    Exercising outdoors, away from the city.

  12. Rachel:

    Exercising, working, reading, spending time with friends and family.
    I’m too much involved around nonsense.

  13. Chelsea:

    Doing what I should do opposed to what I want to do

  14. Ankita:

    work smart and write music and keep learning guitar and having faith in my music:)

  15. b:

    living and working out

  16. T:

    Listening to my heart

  17. TC:

    Loving myself!

  18. Nic:

    Working on my social skills and spending time with the people who are important to me.

  19. erika:

    living freely

  20. s.u.s.a.n:

    Reading. Relaxing. Refreshing

  21. Danielle:

    Not thinking

  22. Noemi:

    saying i love you to my mom. im scared ill never say it and one day it will be too late and ill regret it.
    this made me cry a little.

  23. Sasha:

    Being careless and happy. I worry too much about the future and worrying so sometimes I can’t fully enjoy the moment because i’m too worried about things that might happen that will ruin it.

  24. Rachel:


  25. Vicky:

    “good tripping”

  26. Kate:

    Living my life, drawing and painting, studying, learning, refreshing, enjoying the simple life.

  27. Leila:

    time getting closer to God…praying, reading my Bible, learning how to love others, God, myself…

  28. Niki:

    Praying, trusting God, and not worrying about things so much.

  29. Sara:

    Everybody, not just me, should be spending more time loving instead of hating.

  30. Jodie:


  31. Nick:

    Learning how to use design software.

  32. Shen:

    being productive

  33. Rayton:

    communicating with others

  34. Nibor:

    Time to spend with my girlfriend..

  35. kelly:

    Getting things accomplished.

  36. Oceaveth:


  37. judybaby:

    outside my bedroom

  38. Jean:

    Following my dreams as being a professional piano player.
    living in the moment.

  39. Ali:

    preparing for my next step in life.

  40. Ashley:

    Reading the Bible and talking to God.

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