Question 486

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24 Responses to “Question 486”

  1. Aaron:

    I regret taking so many classes this spring and summer. I thought I would have the money to pay for them, but I don’t…

  2. Mike:

    McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries.

  3. randomteen:

    A house…bad idea (in my situation)

  4. Gracie:

    White contacts for Halloween

  5. Ankita:

    forcing my parents to buy me clothes.Clothes which I never even wore.

  6. Ana:

    A flight in the wrong date…

  7. Alaina:

    A pack of crayons and some coloring books for some kids I babysit. They ended up on the floor with the kids jumping on top of them.

  8. dev:

    I agree with randomteen. I bought a house in 2005 after I graduated college and got a decent job. My condo is now worth barely 50% of what I paid for it. I regret it everyday.

  9. Rachel:

    Hello Kitty earphones for my iphone=[

  10. Heloisa:

    A lot of chocolate – I have this bad habit: I ever eat chocolate when I’m nervous, stressed, etc.
    This is terrible, because after I hate mysels after this…

  11.  :

    Security of parents.

    @Alaina rofl.

  12.  :

    Oops that was a reply to 488 and 486. my bad.

  13. Anon:

    Citric acid. Yeah.

  14. Nick:

    The architect’s scale, that cost me a lot, that I would probably use only once.

  15. Nibor:

    A 2×1 metre mirror.

  16. anon:


  17. Rayton:

    some kind of shirt that seemed really appealing and different for once at the shop, but now I can’t find myself wearing it.

  18. Catie:

    same as rayton

  19. Sammy:

    My phone. My shoes. things i dont really like.

  20. Katherine:

    $500 concert tickets

  21. Jean:

    A shirt that I will never wear.

  22. Sara:

    An American flag with 33 states on it without realizing there were 33 states on it of course. XD

  23. Sammi:

    Everything…I always feel vaguely guilty every time I spend money.

  24. AM:

    i phone.

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