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  1. Anna:

    This is based on my opinion…you know you’re in love when you want to be with the person as much as possible. You feel safe and happy and you enjoy making him or her happy. You’d do anything to make him or her happy. It’s hard to explain love to anyone. It’s the best, happiest, most filling feeling in the world. But it’s hard and confusing too. It’s amazing…and you know it because nothing else could possibly feel the way love does.

  2. Fabio:

    Love is when someone else’s happiness becomes important to your own

  3. Teriana:

    Love is when you look into the other person’s eyes, and see everything you need.

  4. Life:

    You know your in love when you don’t have to ask if your in love. Simple as that

  5. .:

    You know you’re in love when you can’t think of an answer to this question that describes the way you feel about someone.

  6. i know i am in love when:
    i know the risk of being hurt but i let myself be vulnerable anyway,
    i cannot imagine spending the rest of my life without that person,
    i can submit even the most stubborn parts of myself if it means that person’s happiness,
    and i am grateful already just by the fact that he exists — he need not do anything at all.

  7. TR:

    When you can’t breathe whenever you see him or hear his voice.

  8. TJB:

    I thought I was so many times, especially this last time when he implied that we were soulmates. It’s a long distance relationship, and I feel that I am giving more than he does. I thought it was love, but keep finding myself left empty and angry more and more often.

    I think love, ideally, is a 2 way street… they give and I give, but I haven’t found that balance in anyone yet. I fear I will end up alone, but maybe it’s better that way; that way, I won’t continue to be angry and disappointed all the time.

    We all have our own ideas about what love “should” be, but really it ends up being the love that we give away. I feel, honestly, that I give good love, but am confused as to why I don’t receive it back.

  9. V3nD1:

    When you have butterflies in your stomach.

  10. Maya:

    I just know it. I want to be with him all he time. And cant stop thinking of him.

  11. Sheri:

    You just know ~ your heart, head and body tell you! I knew 2 weeks into dating my now husband that I loved him and wanted to spend my life with him … that’s all it took 2 weeks! We were 15 years old, we are 43 now and next month we will celebrate our 22nd anniversary and are extremely happily married

  12. Aaron:

    I don’t know to be honest…I feel like it would be yearning to be with that person more than anything. To make them feel good, to help them do what they need to do in their life, and to help them accomplish things they never thought were possible. That’s when I think you’re in love…At least that’s what I feel now…

  13. When you can fart in front of them without fearing their reaction. =)

  14. P:

    When you have been to through the deepest pits of hell with someone and have the most tormented heart, yet you still come out of the other side holding hands side by side knowing you’d do it all over again if it meant having them by your side.

  15. Chelsea:

    You just know. If you ask yourself the question “Am I in love?”, you’re not. There’s nothing like it and you’ll know the moment it hits you.

  16. NAK:

    You know you are in Love when you Love God completey and surrender yourself to HIM. Then HIS attributes become your qualities. You give more to people without expecting anything in return. This is love which is selfless and does not want anything in return. You return Love for hate.You include the excluded.You are then able to say you were wrong and you forgive without an apology. This is Love and you just know it.

  17. Nick:

    When you try to get away from them and yet you can’t.

  18. abm:

    When you look at them and see your world. When you cant see one flaw…everything about them is beautiful to you.

  19. Kamal Kant Gupta:

    I think al the answers r correct….But love start when we feel hesitation to talk to them…We feel very nervous when they come near to us……It really happen….

  20. originalvisage's new first name:

    it becomes very apparent. you know when you get there. there’s no transition. jitendra says there’s two things about the state: the absence of fear, and the presence of warmth

  21. me!:

    They make you smile all the time, it kills to be away from them, if they tell you something secret or ask something they believe to be ‘stupid’ you won’t laugh at them and when you’ve seen them at their worst, but love them anyway.

  22. dhiliban:

    love is something which makes you happy and worry at the same time makes u feel safe in unsafest place

  23. Ana:

    When your eyes shine and you can’t help but smile…

  24. Rayton:

    When everything in the other person seems so perfect and pure, when each moment you have a feeling of wanting to be near her, when only her well=-being seems important and you will do everything for that- that’s being in love.

  25. kelly:

    When the sound of his heart beating is in your dreams at night, when all you talk about and think about is him, when you get butterflies in your tummy every time you make eye contact, when you feel safe and protected, when you feel like you could never walk away, when you feel nothing for any other man, when all you want is that person as much as you can have them.

  26. You know you’re in love when your happiness is linked to their own, when you know all their flaws and still love them anyway… when even at their worst, you couldn’t imagine yourself with anyone else

  27. JBugg:

    When you finally love yourself as much as your significant other loves you.

  28. nicole:

    i believe everyone has there own way in knowing when there in love. i think I’ll be in love when I’m comfortable with that person and be myself. I’ve had three serious relationships and not one i was completely comfortable and open about how i really wanted to act.

  29. Julia:

    When I can’t go a day without thinking of them, and find myself smiling thinking about them, when I am truly happy whenever I’m around them and I wouldn’t choose anyone else

  30. Anonymous:

    When it’s over

  31. Rae:

    You just know.

  32. Ali:

    They’re happiness comes first and you don’t take away from who they are as an individual, but add to it in a beautiful and honest relationship.

  33. Isuel:

    that’s a question to which i too want an answer, bt cant seem to get it even after reading all these answers..

  34. Deminica:

    When about 2 seconds after breaking up, you can laugh and smile with each other

  35. Roberto:

    never been and probably never will

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