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  1. JJ:

    The naivety. But at the same time, I don’t miss it. It was somewhat nice not to know my family was a disaster, but I had very little self-confidence because I was always told the bad things were my fault. I was always to blame.

    I don’t miss much of my childhood…

  2. Marie:

    I miss the how the future was like an empty page and I had the chance to fill it with whatever I wanted.

  3. Sheri:

    As well as someone above me I don’t miss much in fact I’ve blocked out giant portions of it. If anything I’d have to say my grandparent’s (wish I had appreciated them more)

  4. (:

    not fighting with my parents all the time

  5. Angria:

    As Sheri said, I’ve blocked most of my childhood (or don’t remember much period). I guess I miss the simplicity of it. The biggest decision of my day was breakfast and my main worry was which book to read. Now, I have to deal with waaay too much drama between friends and family in addition to my own personal problems.

  6. Sophie:

    being able to trust people implicitly.

  7. jordan:

    the simplicity…growing up is not as glamorous as i had hoped as a child. and i miss having my best friend live 3 doors down

  8. lisa:

    my dad.

  9. sasha:

    the simplicity, also not worrying about getting your heartbroken or love…you’re young and free with no worries. it was so simple.

  10. Anon:

    Oh lawd, I miss being ALLOWED to sleep in my mom’s bed with her. I miss the times when there wasn’t a balding bearded man keeping my side of her bed warm, when I wasn’t too old to seek the comfort of my mommy. I miss being ALLOWED to come to her, tears streaming down my face, knowing that she would comfort me rather than telling me to put my “big girl panties” on. I miss back when she had the decency to cover up the fact that she just got laid. I miss when she actually took my nightmares seriously, even if some of them did involve her cutting open my toes and putting jelly in them. I miss my mommy, dammit. I miss her so fucking much.

  11. b:


  12. Nick:

    Being innocent.

  13. Tessa:

    To feel alive!

  14. Kay:

    I miss the whole idea of being stress free. I miss being able to make friends simply by asking them if they want to go play with you, and all that the friendship needed was to see each other.

  15. originalvisage's new first name:

    not a thing. well, maybe always knowing i had enough food to eat. wait, nope. not a thing. but it is nice to be alive, and i dig the tree house. my friend and former partner kari used to live in a tree house with her ex-fiance wheeler before we met. anyways, it’s possible that i’m about to go live in a tent on the canoe she built to help her make her cabin till i can save up enough to go somewhere else, provided the inn where she works doesn’t suddenly declare that they will absolutely not hire another dishwasher. anyways, this can be making up for my childhood. they say it’s never too late.

  16. s.u.s.a.n:

    I miss big family Christmas celebrations. Both of my parents are deceased and my only sibling and I haven’t spoken in 4 years.

  17. anonymous:

    Simplicity-no overthinking or overanalyzing. Just dreaming and loving.

  18. Anonymous:

    s.u.s.a.n.– call your sibling. it isn’t too late.

  19. Rachel:

    The image i had of my father. It was fake but still.

  20. Amy:

    What childhood? I’ve been either independent or a mother to my mother since I can remember…

  21. LaraC:

    nothing I am a child……..but ignorance would be it

  22. Starsky:

    I miss the family-feeling of having of mum and dad and siblings in one house. Now my parents are divorced and the feeling has never come back since. And I miss my dog…

  23. Craig Tucker:

    Not giving a single fudge bout anything.. A life full of joy with only a few toys.

  24. Brandi:

    Ignorance is bliss

  25. Debbie:

    Carelessness: no worries and just enjoying yourself all the time. Playing pranks with my brother…

  26. sarah:

    I miss believing that my parents loved each other. Now, I have to understand that the only reason they were married is because they found out they were pregnant with me. They hated being married.

  27. Morgan:

    My weight.

  28. Catie:

    my beach house before my parents sold it

  29. Brenna:

    The fact that I could get along with everyone. Kids could make friends with people in minutes while being a high school student I have to work with people and try and trust them. Now I have to worry about if they’re good people or not instead of “eeeew he has cooties.”

  30. dhiliban:

    the moments

  31. Kit:

    I feel like I was a more interesting person back then somehow…
    Or just… interesting in a different way…

    I’m not sure how to word this.

  32. LT:

    Being able to roll in mud and run around with no cares and not have my mental health questioned.

  33. Kai:

    ..that wounds could be healed by a kiss..or that most of the time was playtime…

  34. Kathryn:

    my childhood was short lived and the most wonderful parts i can’t remember,but i would give anything to relive the days when my parents loved each other and we were one happy little family.

  35. Kevin:

    The total lack of stress and responsibility. Spending time with your best friends. Life was easier back then.

    s.u.s.a.n. – call your sibling. If something were to happen to him/her, you would regret it. Please call.

  36. Rayton:

    the lack of worries and over-thinking

  37. I miss being extroverted. I used to be able to go up to anyone and not be awkward and stumble through my words when I asked them if they wanted to be friends. I somehow turned out to be the person I am today- completely introverted- from that little girl that didn’t give a flying f*ck who you were, just what you could be.

  38. Jessica:

    The innocence

  39. Shen:

    Simplicity of thought and blissful ignorance. No need to worry about the future or regret the past.

  40. Shannon:


  41. Lindsey:

    I miss how everything made sense. Mommy and daddy were always right. Everything was simple. No responsibilities; no worrying about degrees and careers. Just playing outside until the streetlights came on. Everything is so complicated now.

  42. Lily:

    Nap time

  43. Annie:

    I miss when homework was simple addition, and getting to play kickball outside, and having a crush on the boy you chased on the playground. When I never had to decipher the difference between what people said and meant. When I could be an astronaut or the president or a chef.

  44. nicole:

    riding bike by myself for hours.

  45. Ivana:

    Being carefree

  46. Ioana:

    Living it.


  48. Julia:

    Everyday being an adventure and being able to enjoy little things.

  49. Copper:

    How care free I was. Problems being as simple as my brother wouldn’t share his toy with me.The innocence of it all.

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