Question 489

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54 Responses to “Question 489”

  1. Macey:

    I would ask my biological father if he ever actually cared about me

  2. Emma:

    I’d ask both of my sisters if they would ever understand why I acted the way I did the last year of our lives and forgive me for it if I showed them everything I wrote about them on my blog.

  3. Copper:

    I’d ask my grandfather if I made him proud and if he knew how much I really appreciated him.

  4. JL:

    This is a very good question. If I could ask a question and be promised the complete truth, I would ask my brother to tell me EVERYTHING that he did to me, when it really started and when it really ended. The bits and pieces of my memories are killing me, and I can’t determine when it first started–sometime before I was seven. And part of him telling me everything, would be to tell my parents that he really did sexually abuse me, and he really did understand that it was wrong and would hurt me.

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