Question 491

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36 Responses to “Question 491”

  1. Aaron:

    If I had to give my life in order for everyone to be healthy and happy then I would gladly except that task.

  2. Angria:

    I’m not exactly sure how “cause” is being defined, but from my perspective, I would give my life for my child without a second thought. And my faith, I’d hope.

  3. m:

    I’d gladly give my life toward a set of stories about all the crazy, scary, and amazing things we do for love to tell to the next generation.

    @Angria: I think ’cause’ here means something ‘bigger than us as individuals’. But I’m not sure.

  4. Heath:

    I don’t think I would ever willingly give my life for a ’cause’. But I might willingly give my life directly for another human being, especially a family member or someone whom I greatly love and respect.

  5. sea:

    I don’t know that I would give my life for a “cause”. It seems too impersonal. However, my children, husband, mother – done – in a heartbeat.

  6. b:

    I would give my life to save the life of another, and through dying i would give hope to more people because I am an organ donor.

  7. Ankita:

    The good cause,the true,honest and right cause.

  8. Emmy:

    My faith. No question. And I’ll join the ranks of those who would gladly die for a loved one.

  9. s.u.s.a.n:

    Thank goodness we have those who are willing to die for a cause — one of those causes being FREEDOM! The FREEDOM that we just celebrated! However, at the moment, I would willingly give my life for my son.

  10. Alex:

    My faith, my family, and my country.

  11. Mandy:

    Jesus Christ! He unselfishly gave up His life for us.

  12. alexa:


  13. Steph:

    i give my life in order to save any species about to be extinct.
    man has over populated the earth anyway. . . .

  14. My daughter.

  15. Catie:

    My little brother

  16. Got living is still my priority…

  17. Meghan:

    Giving my life for the cause of ending harassment of LGBT communities and having homosexuality accepted all around the world. I would also give it for the well being of my best friends Alex and Wren, and then my family.

  18. Rachel:

    Women rights

  19. sam:

    mine and every human being’s right to independance and a good quality of life, secondly my loved ones and thirdly for queen and country

  20. Boy:

    My believes

  21. Zarri:

    Space exploration. That’s what i’ve always wanted to do, go to mars. Even if there is a great chance of death.

  22. Tessa:

    My famely and love.

  23. Kathryn:

    If I died and all the abusive men in this world stopped hurting their wives and/or children and love their families, I would probably kill myself just to end the pain for so many women and children.

  24. Kevin:

    My family!

  25. Juanfe:

    The never ending search of truth…

  26. Riddle:

    My friends and family. Without a second thought.

  27. I’d do anything and everything to stop Child Abuse.

  28. L. Sometimes:

    Harry Potter

  29. judybaby:

    my little brother ben

  30. blair:

    to stop hate

  31. Grac(ie):

    I would give my life to save the life of another. Anyone. Everyone deserves to live, and I figure that anyone could use life better than I am now.

  32. Kyle:

    I would give my life for my family or anyone I call, or once called, a friend. That would be a sacrifice in the name of love.

  33. Rayton:

    I would give my life in the name of love. It´s not necessarily romantic one, but love toward a family member, a romantic partner, a good friend I admire or jsut other people. I won´t hurry to sacrifice myself, but in times where it seems essential to it and twhen Ifeel complete’ I would deffinately do it.

  34. Deminica:

    My future children

  35. Alex:

    My opinions and morals. I will never give them up, even if it meant death.

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