Question 492

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  1. anonymous:


    especially with people you love

    you never know how much time you have left with them…

  2. Gracie:

    I cut corners on ONE lice treatment and my whole head is infested again I’m getting so frustrated

  3. Inge:


  4. sasha:

    anything enjoyable. time with people you love, meaningful conversations…

  5. Barbara:

    Your childhood

  6. hopelessromantic:

    Love and the time that you have with your loved ones. I know thats two but i don’t care

  7. Aaron:

    Sex, time with loved ones, childhood…anything that’s truly enjoyable I guess…

  8. Heath:

    Sex, naps, dessert, massages, meditation, or anything whose purpose is pleasure and/or relaxation. It’s fine if these things occasionally don’t take large amounts of time, but they should never be ‘rushed’, because it’s completely counterproductive.

    Also, you should definitely never rush a safety double-check. If you’re rescuing someone from a helicopter, rock climbing, skydiving, or doing anything obviously dangerous (even getting into a car fits the bill), take your sweet ass time to make sure that your safety equipment (harnesses, straps, ropes, seatbelts, etc) is ready.

  9. Angria:

    Building a relationship with a horse. It took over a year and a half for my horse to even let me approach her when I first started riding her. We later learned she was abused, but after seven years with her, I can now call her name and she comes running to me. You can never rush a horse, but the wait is nothing compared to the pure joy in the end.

  10. bsf:

    love and time

  11. s.u.s.a.n:


  12. Anonymous10:

    Food should never be rushed. Enjoy and savor!

  13. Ael:


  14. Losing weight

    Making friends

    Making dinner

    Building your dream life

    etc. etc.


  15. Jason:

    A good bathroom break

  16. Mandy:

    Saying I love you..

  17. CTyG:


  18. Rachel:


  19. Debbie:

    Everything you love to do.

  20. Catie:


  21. LaraC:

    making a supposition

  22. Boy:


  23. Jodie:

    Giving love & the ability to receive love in return

  24. Kai:

    To go abroad as my profession…

    Because it was never really my chosen profession in the first place..If I have to travel, that would be to celebrate life and freedom and fulfill my dreams…

  25. ching:


  26. Juanfe:

    Our precious time…

  27. kelly:


  28. Sapphire...:


  29. sasha:


  30. Ivana:


  31. just_jess:


  32. Julia:

    Life, Relationships, those precious moments that we should never forget.

  33. that one hippy chic:

    The choice of your personal future. Take your time—some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t know what they want to do with their lives.

    Or shopping. (Don’t rush me, okay?!)

  34. Ali:

    falling in love.

  35. Jessica:

    Time with those you care about. The things that make you happy.

  36. Deminica:

    Growing up

  37. Emma:

    Trying to fix a relationship that was really broken.

  38. Alex:

    Everyday Life.
    Never rush anything that happens in your life.
    Everyday you could miss things that you would love to see or hear.

    Just slow down.

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