Question 493

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47 Responses to “Question 493”

  1. Lockleigh:

    A book to read.

  2. Aaron:

    My health

  3. Sadhs:

    A conversationw ith my friend ryan.

  4. A.A.:

    Music. Sound in general. I sympathise with those that lack the ability to hear.

  5. Angria:

    Music. I need my music.

  6. Friend 🙂

  7. anonymous:

    something to write with. if I don’t write everyday, my mind gets all wound up and I get confused. I need to write like I need air.

  8. Sarah:

    Spending time with my sister, Anna.

  9. Gracie:


  10. Panda:

    Sleep, days without those feel worse than hell. Other basic necessities such as food, water, clothing and shelter are really taken for granted when there. Yet…without them a day is always lacking.

  11. Catie:

    a day without my dog is the most boring day

  12. Heath:

    Well, besides things that would kill me (air, life, etc), I would hate to go without water or food or sleep/rest for a day.

    Everything else I’d be alright with. I’m not too attached to any person or place or technology or habit or hobby that I would ‘hate’ to miss it for a day.

    Going one of my senses would be interesting and difficult for a day, though I think I might start ‘hating’ it if I was without more than one at a time.

  13. LaraC:


  14. Seagirl:


  15. Teresa:

    Talking to him, but I already have to do that sometimes

  16. Claire:


  17. griffin:

    A heartwarming moment.

  18. Alex:

    My wife’s love. Knowing that I can come home to her

  19. s.u.s.a.n:


  20. Barbara:

    talking to my mom <3 , even if it's just a few words on the phone.

  21. Rachel:

    My sight

  22. Ael:

    Talking to my boyfriend and music.

  23. Jodie:

    Inner peace

  24. Bonsi:

    Talking with my best friend, even if it is a couple of lines using sme instant messanger. He means a lot to me.

  25. erika:

    music and being alone in a relaxing place to think

  26. Maddie:

    Having a conversation with someone, to keep me sane, as well as my health

  27. If there was is one thing that I hate missing during my day, it’s an intelligent conversation. I have been holed up in my house for the past few weeks without a lot of contact besides my family and I feel like I’m suffocating.

  28. Jeremy:

    My pocket-pussy

  29. kelly:

    My boyfriend Stew 🙂

  30. jon:

    My Sobriety.

  31. vcm:

    my patience, my faith, my hopefulness

  32. Riddle:


  33. Fandango:

    Food is all I can think of, and come on, well all love our music, but really? A day? I’m sure we all go a day without music every once in a while like during very busy days.

  34. Jenny:

    Seeing my daughter smile at me, like I’m her entire world.

  35. Shannon:

    Love or Music.

  36. sasha:

    basic necessities, etc.

  37. Lynnie:

    The internet. I need my online friends, I need my youtube and music and tumblr and yeah, my online friends who I adore.

  38. Julia:

    Any form of art
    Paper and pencil

  39. anonimus:

    music, a cigarrete

  40. that one hippy chic:

    My top three:
    -air. (It’s kind of important…)
    -clothes. (I’d be okay with thins if i didn’t have to leave my house. Haha~)
    -my mind

  41. Rayton:

    my self value. without it everything seems unimportant.

  42. Ali:


  43. Jessica:

    Contact with others.
    And music.

  44. Jessica:

    My freedom.

    To know that I will not be beaten, abused, or forced to do something I do not want to do.

  45. Isuel:

    music, loads of it.. n a good book to read..

  46. Emma:

    My music.

  47. Alex:

    My music.

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