Question 494

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  1. Julia:

    You still like him?

  2. Why?:

    “Why are you breaking up with me?”

  3. What do you want more than anything?

  4. anonimus:

    Are you happy?
    Do you still love him?
    Why did he hurt you if he said he loved you?

  5. xox:

    Why did you do/say that?

  6. Ali:

    My dad had heart issues when I was in elementary school and he’d always feel the need to ask me if he passed away who I’d want my new daddy to be. I could never answer him, and thankfully I haven’t had to.

  7. Jessica:

    What’s wrong?

    Asked by the person I was mad/upset with, and I find it to be the hardest thing EVER actually telling someone that I’m upset when they are the reason.

  8. Isuel:

    i dont think any such question has come my way
    though ther’s been an easy bt awkward one

    “hey i’m sorry what’s ur name?”

    when i’d been in school with d same person for 2 yrs..

  9. Emma:

    During the first real fight I’ve ever had with my sister

    “Do I even mean anything to you anymore?”

  10. Rai:

    Mom: are you a lesbian?

  11. Hotchkiss:

    What’s the thing most worth waiting and fight for? I still can’t answer this…

  12. Jade:

    What do you want to get a degree in?

    I’ve already been in college for four years.

  13. Christina:

    “Why did he kill himself?” – asked by my best friend’s parents

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