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  1. Aaron:

    Does filtered tap water count? If so, then yes. All the time. I do it because it’s good for you and I can.

  2. Plain ol’ tap water: No. It tastes gross out here in our neck of the woods.
    Filtered tap water: yes!
    Bottled water: Heck no! Stuff’s terrible for the planet!

  3. r.:

    Yes, I do. Straight out of the tap, no filtering needed because it tastes perfectly fine.

  4. Richard:

    I drink filtered tap water, because the straight tap water has a bad aftertaste. Bottled water is too expensive, and between the empty plastic bottles and the resources consumed in shipping it, it generates too much waste.

  5. penny:

    Absolutely. I mean i have the choice to drink from a filter but America is the one of very few countries that are able to drink from the tap. I consider myself lucky.

  6. Green Phoenix:

    I do drink filtered tap, simply because I grew up in a different part of the country and straight doesn’t taste quite right. I drink straight when we go out camping (nearly every weekend). I think part of my hypothyroidism came from drinking tap water contaminated by the local copper mine operation, so I prefer filtered. I have to admit I am slightly offended by the phrasing which requires you justify drinking tap water in a country that has some of the safest municipal water in the world. I absolutely believe the question should be ‘why not?’ We should not be setting people up to justify the cheaper and more ecological choice when the water coming out of our faucets (taps) is safe to drink in the overwhelming number of cases.

  7. mac1:

    why not?

  8. Dale:

    Stupid question. I live in Scotland and everyone drinks uhm tap water.

  9. Dale:


  10. Ankita:

    yes because it tastes fine

  11. anonymous:

    Yes, because our tap water is more delicioua than bottled water.

  12. LaraC:

    I agree…….why not?

  13. Stacey:

    Yep! I usually ask for tap water when I go out for a meal these days as well. Why is simple – it’s refreshing and free! No need to buy bottled water when you can just pour it from your tap into a bottle to use again and again. I’m lucky that where I’m from tap water doesn’t taste weird. Also, I drink it when I’m out as it’s free 😛

  14. Anne:

    yeah cause its water

  15. Mandycandy:

    I grew up drinking tap water…and I drank it up to just about 1 or 2 yrs ago because my husband hates tap water and so no I find it tastes funny too. But if I’m desperate lol. I’ll drink it. But I heard it leaves stains on your teeth & I noticed I do have a white stain on my tooth must be all that tap water I drank growing up:/

  16. s.u.s.a.n:

    I drink filtered water at my office; tap and bottled water at home. If traveling, I choose to drink bottled because it usually tastes different from what I’m accustomed to at home.

  17. love tap water, my tax dollars at work

  18. Evanna:

    I drink filtered tap at home because filtering out chlorine couldn’t hurt. I don’t have any qualms refilling my water bottle with tap if there is no filtered on hand because tap water passes EPA standards.

  19. Nic:

    Yeah, it tastes good where I live… also keeps my Immune systems up & running.
    Aaaaand is BLOODY cheap and refreshing

  20. Tessa:

    Why? It’s good and where I live, it is clean.

  21. Danielle:

    Yeah. It’s water. It’s cheaper than buying bottled water. It tastes perfectly fine to me.

  22. Kathryn:

    It really depends where I am. At home I fill my water bottle with tap water and leave it in the fridge so it will be cold. When I am out of town I drink bottled water because foreign water is just disgusting.

  23. jares:

    yes,bcoz it is tasty and kills the worms in the stomach

  24. Catie:

    yes because we need water to live…duh

  25. Hun:

    No because tap water is quite distasteful and they added fluoride to the water where I am. No one got a say in it either.

  26. Heath:

    Yes, I drink filtered tap water, because it’s cheap and I don’t have to waste plastic and it’s convenient (hasn’t run out yet). I filter it both to remove pathogens (I live in a country where it can be a problem), and to improve the taste a bit.

  27. julia:

    Yes. The United States has the cleanest water in the world. It’d be a shame for all those who aren’t as lucky not to.

  28. richard:

    No as I dont like Chlorine

  29. Tim:

    No I don’t because of the fluoride and other industrial chemicals in our water supply here in Australia. There is mountains of information on the detrimental affects of fluoride. I drink purified water that is sold in casks.

  30. Fandango:

    Yes because luckily I don’t live in America, I live in Canada and the tap water here is very clean and fresh tasting.

  31. Rachel:

    That’s literally all I drink.

  32. Lily:

    I do, because I live in a country rich enough to supply me with clean fresh water straight from the tap…I almost feel like its too easy just not to drink tap water

  33. Julia:

    I drink tap water only when my filtered water runs out.

  34. Sadies (From USA):

    No, I either drink purified, spring, or flavored water because I don’t like the taste of tap water.

  35. Jackles:

    Yes I drink tap water. In fact, the water that flows from the tap in my town is sold as mineral water in our country. Every day I am grateful to be able to live somewhere where there is running water from the tap, and that it’s so clean, clear and well-tasting.

  36. Jessica:

    Yes I do… there isn’t a reason not to.

  37. Emily:

    because its there and i dont mind the taste at all

  38. Kendra:

    Yes, it tastes good. I only wish there wasn’t fluoride in it.

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