Question 497

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90 Responses to “Question 497”

  1. Julia:

    Love. That’s really all we need.

  2. Rayton:

    less indiference and more loving and caring.

  3. Monjebleu:

    the Batman

  4. claudio:

    less material greed
    more sentimental greed

  5. Lee:

    Baseball. More baseball

  6. Lulzsec:

    Less fucking idiots on the internet…

  7. anon:

    …Weed of course!

  8. Rodney:

    the world needs Zombies, I mean real brain eating Zombies, I love Zombies

  9. zmbkiller:

    It needs zombie apocalypse.

  10. Mac:

    Nothing, The species who inhabit just need more common sense.

  11. Czark:

    blowjobs and weed.

  12. Seby:

    Humans to disapear

  13. Mario:

    Less poverty

  14. Jesus:

    What every world needs…. Saiyans. not jesus tho. we dont dont need fictional characters

  15. Yanick R:

    every indivuidual rich or poor starts to forgive everyone and everything and avoid putting themselves in a situation that requires forgiveness

  16. ilse:


  17. Chuck:


  18. the vocalist:


  19. Rainy Maggie:

    An enema.

  20. Gracie:

    for it’s people to stop being stupid money hoarding bastards.

  21. Atom B:

    A handfull of mushrooms!

  22. TJ:


  23. Anon:

    Free cheesecake and jetpacks for everyone.

  24. Ali:

    Peace Love Unity Respect (R)esponsibility

    it’s a rave code we always try to enforce and I think it could do this world some good.

  25. pej:

    a better photograph

  26. Cracker:

    Is another folk singer like I need a hole in my head.

  27. Sophie:


  28. matt:


  29. skyler:

    Mother Fucking Zombies

  30. Jessica:

    more love.

  31. Lukas:

    delicious cake to share.

  32. Jackie:

    love sweet love.

  33. Jops:

    Less lame thought questions.

  34. Green Knight:


  35. Alexa:

    true, the world needs love, hope, unity etc, i totally agree but (and there is a very important “but”), if you ask a poor man (actually, if you ask almost any adult) what he needs, what do you think he’ll say? he needs money, of course. with money he could buy food, clothes, maybe a house and so on. only those whose physically needs are met can then think of spirituality,of love and peace. but.. even a rich person would think of money because he would want to buy more food, more clothes, more, more, more..
    i think children and most teenagers (who depend on their parents and don’t need to think about earning money)would say innocent things like that..and i, being a 17-years-old girl whose parents have enough money for a decent living, i too, think the world needs love, understanding, peace and…chocolate that doesn’t make you fat:)

  36. Thomas:


  37. Emily:


  38. Alex:

    Understanding and Care

  39. Ryan:

    To wake up.

  40. Will:


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