Question 498

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  1. sasha:

    that i have it all. people judge the outside and they have no idea what’s going on inside. people think that i’m strong and indifferent to their hurtful words, they have no idea that i break down daily but i don’t let anyone see. i don’t let anyone see me cry or upset. people assume that since i’m pretty i should have a perfect life. they don’t know that i’m insecure and self-conscious that i’m slowly falling apart and have been for years.

  2. Rachel:

    That I’m snobby

  3. Jo:

    That I don’t want to be around people, or don’t mind not being invited to things.

  4. Lynnie:

    People think I’m nice, and funny and pretty. Which I’m not. People think I’m quiet and rather clean minded. People seem to think I’m okay with who I am and thats far from the truth.

  5. Jackie:

    That I’m stupid because I can’t talk. That I only like country music. That the only things I’ll talk about is Primeval, Doctor Who, and Alice in Wonderland. And that I have no friends.

  6. Jackie:

    That I’m stupid because I don’t talk. That I only like country music. That the only things I’ll talk about is Primeval, Doctor Who, and Alice in Wonderland. And that I have no friends.

  7. Jennifer:

    That I’m a lesbian . . . wtf? Do people really have to make decisive assumptions about my sexuality based on my interests?

  8. Brandy:

    That Im a snob but Im just shy.

  9. Ashley:

    Because I have an IEP, I’m stupid; truth is, I have an IEP because I have panic attacks when I’m around to many people, and I can’t work at the same pace as others.
    That me being Native, makes me a rebel, untrustworthy, a thief, and a smuggler.
    That because I’m back with the guy who broke my heart for the first time, I am stupid.

  10. :):

    2.A Goody goody
    3.That I’m very smart.
    4.People don’t think that I’m emotional but I am I just make sure to keep my head up and try not to let things bother me.

  11. Julia:

    1. Stuck up (I actually am kind of insecure about a few things, but I know I’m better than those who act like bitches to me because I seem stuck up.)

    2. Lesbian (I have no problem with same sex relationships, but I’m straight.)

    3. Emo who cuts herself (I don’t label myself)

    4. Slut (I never even kissed a guy)

    5. Innocent (To those who haven’t hear about me being a slut)

  12. hey:

    that im innocent because im quiet

  13. Rayton:

    That I’m perfect, that I have a really better life than anyone else. For some reason, they see exterior successes I experience and take it into acount that these are all a man needs. In fact actually, I feel there are many areas I am really far from perfect, in which people are or were in a much better state than I am.

  14. Ali:

    That I’m easy because I was taken advantage of last summer and the guy responsible told everyone I wanted it and now when I go out to drink and be with friends guys try to get me back in to that state of consciousness to get with me. Which, quite frankly, is pathetic.

  15. Jessica:

    Everyone thinks I’m taller than I am. It’s really funny, actually. I think some people think I’m a bitch because I don’t talk much with people I don’t know well. That I’m really innocent.. I may not have done that much, but I know more than people expect. I’ve been accused of living in my ‘perfect little world’.. but that’s not true. Sure I am really lucky in a lot of ways, and the problems I’ve had don’t compare to a lot of people’s… but I’ve had my struggles too.

  16. Sara:

    that i am a fucking girl. every male friend of mine see me as other boy of the group just because i’m bissexual. i’m a girl, i have feelings 2, i like to hold hands, i like compliments, and yes, i am in love. with a boy.

  17. Alexa:

    over 15 people told me that i’m violent(some of them joking, some not).i wonder why do some consider that if i can protect myself both verbally and phisically (i have been practicing martial arts for 11 years now) and if i can stand up for my beliefs and if i don’t let anybody step on my pride, then i’m violent..
    i don’t think it’s fair, i have never punched anyone, i just didn’t let them get to me..
    i have actually tried to change myself into a helpless girl…-until i realised i liked the way i was (and still am) and that i didn’t want to be otherwise.

  18. Emma:

    That I’m an emotional brick who doesn’t feel anything except anger. That I’m the stereotypical kid rebelling against her parents and family. That I’m not nearly as broken as I make it seem.

  19. Nicole:

    That I’m tough

  20. Alex:

    That i’m always happy

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