Question 500

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30 Responses to “Question 500”

  1. Dale:

    My laptop. I’d be lost without it.

  2. MC:

    How about my own two hands. Do they count?

  3. Sheri:

    My husband let me use a rubber mallet and I never gave it back! I use it to flatten chicken & the other day I used it to break up the frost in our extra freezer … it is an amazing stress reliver

  4. Joe:

    I have many tools but my brain is my favorite. May not be the sharpest but it’s my favorite.

  5. Gracie:


  6. My body.

    I use it to think, to eat, to travel, to do everything else.

    It’s the only tool most necessary in life and the best tool I’ve ever got.

    Plus I don’t need to ever worry about losing it, how cool is that 😉

  7. Nic:

    Myself, my swiss knife and my beloved laptop

  8. Agree with Sandy.
    In 99.99% of situations it’s enough with your body and mind. Everything else is not so important.

  9. TJB:

    My vibrator!!!

  10. Mandy:

    B.-Basic I.-Instructions B.-Before L.-Leaving E.-Earth

  11. Dale:

    My boyfriend :p

  12. Maya:


  13. bsf:

    my body. i can use it to dance, draw, paint, cook, and do all the other things i love to do

  14. P:

    A spanner.

  15. Firefly:

    A knife-wrench!

  16. Debbie:

    Laptop, my body & mind and … my sewingmachine 🙂

  17. LaraC:

    my book

  18. Aaron:

    Well, my older brother and his friends all call me a tool, so I would have to say that I’m my favorite tool. 🙂

  19. penny:

    spam detector. Id be in a huge amount of debt without it!

  20. Jesse J.:

    My penis…..

  21. Nic:

    My marlinspike. My brain comes a close second.

  22. Rachel:

    My mind

  23. Rebecca:

    my mind and my hands. My friend lways says that i have magic hands which can make and fix anything, and the mind is the most powerful tool i can imagine. Combined they are my favorite

  24. Kris:

    my kindle!!

  25. Lindsay:

    Words. Though body and mind are close seconds, words are my soul. My favorite tool.

  26. Grac(ie):

    tough one… adjustable crescent wrench

  27. Julia:

    A penis.

  28. that one hippy chic:

    my computer~

  29. Jessica:

    My iPhone. It lets me listen to music and keep in contact with all my friends 🙂

  30. Alex:

    My Computer

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