Question 502

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50 Responses to “Question 502”

  1. penny:

    giving my dog a bath……..he’s the worst to give a bath to.

  2. Jewls:

    Scheduling my driving test… -___-

  3. vcm:

    I’m always procrastinating reading or studying for a test. Terrible things to procrastinate.

  4. Danielle:

    School work. Like always =/

  5. Kat:

    School work and telling my friend I like him

  6. kp:

    studying for GREs.

  7. Jake:

    Going to Bed

  8. Debbie:

    Sending that important letter and e-mail, I really want to find the right words.

  9. S:

    holiday homework…school goes back on monday :/

  10. Maya:

    packing my bags for a journey I really dont want to go on

  11. Dale:

    Getting fit.

  12. Gracie:

    Going to bed, and telling the guy I like that I like him…

  13. Steph:

    Getting everything for my dorm. =/

  14. Jesse J.:

    cleaning my apartment

  15. Mike:

    Going to the pool.

  16. d:

    Telling my future mil to back off. She needs to worry about her own problems in life and not so much about our lives

  17. randomteen:

    studying for exam 🙁

  18. bsf:

    working on my summer art packet. 23 more to go before september……

  19. s.u.s.a.n:

    Packing for a business/leisure trip on Monday. Hate packing. Nervous about business part of trip. It’s my meeting and my chance to either succeed brilliantly or fail miserably. I’m hoping for a major win which will make the leisure part of the trip sweet! Prayers gratefully appreciated!

  20. Angria:

    Working on my senior thesis and studying my Koine Greek over the summer. So screwed for the fall semester…

  21. sasha:

    -setting up my email and online stuff for college
    -telling my boyfriend how i really feel about everything and how i have doubts…
    -going back to work
    -cleaning my room
    -taking my dog to the groomer
    -scheduling a doctor’s app.

  22. Marianna:

    Going to bed.

  23. Sleep.

  24. Fandango:


  25. A Dreamer:

    Summer Reading, sending letters to people.

  26. Heath:

    Finishing my extra work that I said I’d finish this weekend.

  27. sarah:

    applying for a loan : (

  28. Britt:

    working out

  29. Jim Ward:


  30. Bob:

    Writing a letter to tell the girl I’m seeing how much I love everything about her…

  31. Rachel:


  32. AJT:

    Reading and online quiz taking. Getting a job.

  33. mac1:


  34. curlyhairedmonster:

    Studying for my A levels.

  35. Rebecca:

    this is partially important and in and of itself not procrastination… but running my lines for tonight, getting dressed and out of bed, cleaning my room, taking a shower, going to the copy shop, and calling my friend to tell her she is being irresponsable….

  36. wee:

    My assignments, because I have no idea how am I going to start on it.

  37. judybaby:

    getting ready to move to sweden in 3 weeks. I’m procrastining on organising papers and learning the language.

  38. nicole:

    sleep and cleaning my room…oh yeah and telling my friend that I want to be with him.(hes leaving to the air force in a week)

  39. Marisol:

    Going back to school and getting a degree and being an adult.

  40. Julia:

    AP work, practicing my guitar, reading.

  41. just_jess:

    saying how i feel to someone special in my life

  42. Megan:

    working out

  43. Julia:

    Going down to the track..

  44. Rayton:

    working out, it’s always an effort for me to go for it haha.

  45. Ali:

    Sleep. I haven’t slept since three PM on Saturday

  46. Jessica:

    Going to bed is all that I really should be doing at 2 in the morning.

  47. Dina:

    Wake up early to report for work …

  48. lindsey:

    getting a second job….ehh

  49. Fartun:

    Typing my final english paper and studying for finals.

  50. Bryan:


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