Question 23

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  1. Conn:

    Old enough to live truly and fully. πŸ˜€

  2. I honestly don’t think I would give it much thought.
    If I didn’t know, then it wouldn’t matter to me. I would never think to think of it.

  3. 17 πŸ™‚
    i don’t know why, but it’s when i distinctively remember how young and fresh i felt about myself.
    and i want to always live that sparkly regardless of my numbers:)

  4. Jovita:

    4 or 5 years.. love to go back to the time when I was a child, when life was not stressful, it was fun & you & everyone believed in you.When life was simple

  5. Scipio:


  6. dave:

    somewhere between 5 and 25. I have 2 sons (7 and 10) and I’d love to know / remember what the world feels like to a child that age…to re-learn what it was that was sweet at that age.
    Although in my early 40’s I still feel like the same person I was when I was in college and those were fun times.

  7. J:

    I would look at how I act, how I reason, how I feel; and most likely I would figure myself to be around 40.

  8. Kayane:

    Somewhere between 4-18.

  9. Steven:

    As Old as I am

  10. bobby:

    Around 20-22.

  11. 21 so i could at least get hookers in vegas

  12. zauhra:

    im 21, but i think i act way too mature for my age, so i wanna say 50 something hahha ;D

  13. would age even matter in a case like that?

  14. Sarah:

    im 17, but i feel and act like im in my late 20s to mid 30s. i like that

  15. Allison:

    However old I felt..probably about 17

  16. April:

    My age. I’m me, that’s where I am in my life.

  17. Aimee:

    Sometimes, 2. Other times, 100. and a lot in between.

  18. Caity Rose:

    I second Aimee’s.

  19. Amanda:

    16. I want to be a teenager again

  20. Ris:


  21. Andrea:


  22. Diva:

    I started to forget how old I was at 24. When you’re an adult, everyday life isn’t about getting older, it’s about responsibilities and what you want to do with the rest of your life. Age isn’t really significant at that point unless you want to be President or you need “X” amount of years of experience to do something. πŸ™‚

  23. RubenRybnick:

    knowledge of age has no effect on age therefore id still be the same age

  24. Nick:

    Maybe between 20 and 25.

  25. Rebecca:


  26. Nibor:


  27. Michael Hitchcock:

    I once had a girlfriend who was a little too prone to labeling, but one thing she said about me really struck me as wonderful and worth remembering. “Sometimes it seems like Michael was born yesterday and sometimes it seems like he’s been here a thousand years.”

  28. Rachael:

    I’d be 21… I would be old enough to live on my own, fulfill my career, do whatever I want… That is my dream, no more control!

  29. Rowena:


  30. hexmage:

    Probably 17, but perhaps much older. Difficult to tell for certain. More likely to be older based on how unlike the rest of my age group I truly am.

  31. chichay:

    25, i feel old and needs to do something productive

  32. Heidi:

    70s maybe.

  33. Lisa:

    In my mid 20s!

  34. Vitor:

    I want to go back to when i was 5, because my life was always fun.

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