Question 504

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  1. sarah:

    i love to sit in the bookstore and drink some sugary frappucino with whipped cream and read… with my phone turned off : )

  2. Gracie:

    arthur… the kids show
    and MCR, i normally listen to typical pop but my best friend and i listen to mcr together all the time

  3. Aaron:

    I’m gonna go inappropriate here…you all know what I’m talking about…

  4. Britt:

    guilty pleasure is… 60’s and 90’s music

  5. Shannon:

    One of my favorite books in the summer next to my open window with a sunset:)

  6. eating the unhealthy sweety sweets on my “just little bit sugar to lit up day” 😉

  7. kp:

    Going to far away places on the train without a destination, just so I can read a book & listen to music while getting away from my world.

  8. Lizzy:

    Writing yaoi romances between Roxas and Axel~~
    And eating chocolate

  9. b:

    going to a sports event instead of doing my hw and of course tiramisu or iced coffee with caramel swirl.

  10. Heath:

    I don’t really feel guilty about any of my pleasures (woot!). The closest I get is feeling like a procrastinator when I avoid work…which I am.

  11. (required):

    A beer and a cigarette. Beautiful.

  12. Leila:

    chocolate, mountain dew, and a great book.

  13. Ankita:

    emabrasing my sister and doing the crazy dance in public

  14. Amy:

    Brittany Spears

  15. Emmy:

    Cookie dough. I absolutely love cookie dough . . . and I’m an adult, married graduate student. 🙂

  16. Laila:

    Brownies. And Desperate Housewives 😀

  17. to field:

    my imagination

  18. Guilt is a pleasure-killer for anything pleasurable. I say enjoy whatever gives you pleasure– without a second thought.

  19. Rachel:

    Like Heath, procrastination.

  20. Nic:

    Hot chocolate with marshmallows in it, and a good book in front of a fire.

  21. Rebecca:

    sneaking a look in the mirror on days when i feel pretty

  22. Hayden:

    Chick-fil-a <3

  23. Kris:

    cuddling, day long bar tours with one or two close friends, or a bowl of ice cream and a good book

  24. Joan:

    Phoning my family and telling them I’m in a traffic jam just so I can take the long way home and drive around singing VERY loudly.

  25. Morgan:


  26. xaris:


  27. mm:

    ooohhh a white kitkat

  28. Julia:

    Pretty Little Liars.

  29. anonimus:


  30. Rayton:


  31. xox:

    Sweets. xP

  32. Ali:


  33. Jessica:

    Honestly, I can’t think of one. But that’s because I don’t feel guilty about anything I like.

  34. Sara:

    thinking how hot my friend’s boyfriend is..

  35. Natalie:

    Watching Jeopardy and eating Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. :3

  36. i really do enjoy koalas oh baby…

  37. Me:

    ben and jerrys 😉

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