Question 506

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65 Responses to “Question 506”

  1. CRYING!!!! after crying everything seems not so bad

  2. Julia:

    Take a long walk, and listen to music.

  3. Sadies:

    I text my best besst best guy friend in the world and he always makes me feel better.

  4. Megan:

    Listen to upbeat music. Music has incredible control of my mood

  5. anonimus:

    listen to music, write, sleep, talk about it with myself

  6. ???:

    Grab my IPod, computer, and a box of cookies, and then spend the next few hours rocking out while eating and reading gay romances~

  7. I call my mom

  8. Rayton:

    I guess I sleep. but I really gotta find soemthing better to do instead.

  9. Ali:

    Music and/or sleep

  10. Jessica:

    Go somewhere that is peaceful and has a nice view and listen to music. Or write.

  11. Alexa:

    i hug my dog! it’s that easy, especially because after i do that, he would drag me into playing with him and i would forget about my sadness.

  12. lindsey:

    I go see my dogs. they never fail to put a smile on my face

  13. Alex:

    I listen to music <3 ^__^

  14. Rob:

    Play the piano or cry. Or sometimes both. 😉

  15. zavia:


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