Question 507

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  1. ???:

    the question “How should I wear my hair today?” and about my Gay romance stories

  2. Rayton:

    I think everyday about my weaker areas I would like to improve

  3. xox:

    -What my life is going to be like 5 years from now.
    -What I’m going to be doing later/tomorrow.
    -What I can do to improve myself.
    -Mistakes I’ve made in the past.
    -Someone I shouldn’t be thinking about.

  4. Jessica:

    The past, my friendships… the things I need to do that day.

  5. Alexa:

    it’s kind of weird to realise that what i think of every single day is “i have to walk my dog”. things like my future and friends, family and happiness, improving myself and past mistakes only come to my mind from time to time (once or twice a week, for example)-just as Heath said, they are too deep for everyday thinking…
    btw, i LOVE to walk my dog, he’s what i wished for since i was 3 years old

  6. Taylor:


  7. Bryan:


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